Manage your company quickly and easily using powerful features: timesheet, task tracking, availability, invoicing

Timesheet | Approval workflow | Tasks hours

Pre-populate time-sheet based on schedule Approve or reject hoursLock or unlock hoursAdd commentsReports of timesheetsBillable hoursNon-billable hoursManually or automatically approve

With elapseit, your management team can use a simple, one-screen view to determine the workload across the whole company and adjust it according to the day’s needs.

The hours assigned on each project have multiple states, depending on the project and if the time spent on it has been paid for by your clients or not.

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Time-sheet (time-tracking) weekly view
Resourcing planner people view allocation

Resource Scheduling | Allocate on multiple Projects, Phases or Task-Components

PlannerResource managementPeople viewProjects viewDrag&DropFiltersHighlight over-allocated peopleHighlight under-allocated people

elapseit keeps a very detailed record of the hours that your team has spent on different projects. You can assign your employees to specific projects, or phases of projects or even on specific tasks.

These tasks can then be passed from one person to the other, following the normal workflow that your company uses to resolve the challenges that a project presents.

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Tasks | Task management | Kanban board | Phases (Sprints)

Assign Tasks Tasks List  Comments Tasks Priority Tasks workflowTasks hours estimateDue date tasksLog hours on tasks

Assign tasks to your team members, prioritize them, track the status and due date and follow each other’s progress. Keep details regarding the tasks, collaborate with your colleagues through comments, add attachments.

A glimpse at the Kanban board it’s enough to make sure everyone is always on the same page.

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Kanban Board - Module Tasks Management Software | elapseit
multi-language invoice, time and material type

Invoicing | Generate invoice based on timesheet

Time&Material Invoice Fixed Fee Invoice Multi-language Invoice Multiple billing ratesBillable hours trackingInvoice managementAutomatically Bill hours from Time-sheets Export to PDF Overdue invoices Accounts receivable

Your finance team can create invoices in your local language for the time your company’s employees have spent on projects with just a few clicks. The path from assignment to invoicing your team’s work is as easy as approving the time that your team inputted on their assignments and generating invoices with that information.

You can also keep a detailed list of all the expenses any projects imply, so that at the end of the month you have a clear view on the profitability of each project, employee or how lucrative a contract with a specific client is.

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Dashboard | Reports

Data Reports Analytics Reports Resources Cost Productivity Forecast Available Capacity Resources Cost Data Exports (CSV/PDF) Graphs

Running a business produces a lot of data and a good manager studies it to gather the relevant information that will push the company forward. elapseit provides you with a dashboard of custom graphs and exports of all the data that is stored in its database.

You can go as granular as you need, the purpose is to give you the full picture of your business and the relevant data so you can make informed and correct decisions.

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Dashboard elapseit
Availability time-off management included bank holiday

Leave management | Time-off Request | Approval workflow

Different types of time-offBank holidays integratedAvailability PlannerDrag&Drop interfaceReal-time remaining vacation days Reminder for next approved time-offTime-off management 

A tool that gives you a global look on the time off available and assigned to each employee. They can even use it to see when their teammates are away so they know when to plan their vacation.

One click to send a time off request is all it takes to have your team synchronised. And it’s all done through a clean and structured overview on who and when is away.

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Management of Clients, Projects, People

Project planning Status tracking Access levelsLimit visibility of projectsCustom rates per projectProject budgetingCreate departmentsCreate locationsWarning alertsProject managementClient managementPeople management

Keep a detailed track of your company assets, employees, documents, clients and projects, down to the level of particular tasks.

Have everything under one roof, there’s no need to keep track of the same things in multiple apps.

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Management projects overview
Document Management overview including sharing and versioning

Documents | Document Management

Contract management Share to specific people Share to specific groups Versioning  Search functionality Collaborate

When you create clients, projects or people in elapseit, the corresponding folders are created in the included file management system. There you can upload any files you might deem important and share them with any other users.

We even support versioning so you don’t need to upload multiple instances of the same files as you update them, and you can recover past versions if you need to check something from an earlier version.

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Notifications | Approve or reject timesheets | Approve or reject time-off requests

Approval workflowNotification workflowIn app notification Email notification Time-tracking notification  Time-off notification 

You’ll always be aware of any actions that you need to take depending on your role. You can be a CEO, a Project Manager, a Financial Officer or even a Team Leader.

All the relevant notifications for approving time off, inputted hours or approving invoices will be one click away with the integrated notification system. It can even be configured to send you emails so you’re always connected to the activity within your company.

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Time-sheet (time-tracking) notification approval workflow
Access Levels elapseit

Permission Access Levels | Restrict user's project access

Full accountLimited accountUserProject ManagerProject DirectorAccounting ManagerAdministratorBusiness Owner

Each access level gives the authority to access specific data.

Share financial information only with relevant people from your company.  Give the right for approval requests (timesheets or time-offs) only to the ones in charge for that.

Project management online software designed to give you a full experience based on the different access levels.

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