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We simplified everything to make time tracking so easy that everyone will use it!

The humankind came a long way from the Ancient times of Babylonians when, the Code of Hammurabi said a worker`s wage per day, was 6 grains of silver, until the 21th century, when we have automated time tracking systems and web-based applications.

Time tracking will help you in 3 great directions by making payroll processing more efficient, making costs visible so you can lower them and automating billing and invoicing.

Pre-populate time-sheet based on schedule Approve or reject hoursLock or unlock hoursAdd commentsReports of timesheetsBillable hoursOvertime hoursNon-billable hoursManually or automatically approve


Frequently asked questions

Depending on the project settings, the timesheet can be automatically approved or might need approval from a Project Manager. The timesheet can also be approved by the Project Director, Accountant, Administrator or the account Owner.
elapseit allows you to log hours for the current week, so you should log hours daily or weekly at most.
Because elapseit has a special feature that “pre-populates” your timesheet every time you are allocated on a project. So, when your manager allocates you on a project, with a certain number of hours and for a certain period, this information will be visible in your timesheet as well. If the time that was allocated corresponds with the time you actually worked on that project, you will only need to submit the day, if the time does not correspond then you can change the number of hours, so that it will be accurate. Also, if you don`t want to see the hours from the allocations, you can turn them off by checking the "turn off suggestions..." box.
In the Timesheets view, there is an Add new row button, click on it, choose the project (phase/activity) that you worked on and add the number of hours you`ve worked for that project.