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Online timesheets that are prepopulated from allocations. Keeping up with the forecast.

We simplified everything to make time tracking so easy that everyone will use it!

The humankind came a long way from the Ancient times of Babylonians when, the Code of Hammurabi said a worker`s wage per day, was 6 grains of silver, until the 21th century, when we have automated time tracking systems and web-based applications.

Time tracking will help you in 3 great directions by making payroll processing more efficient, making costs visible so you can lower them and automating billing and invoicing.

Pre-populate time-sheet based on schedule
Approve or reject hours
Lock or unlock hours
Add comments
Reports of timesheets
Billable hours
Overtime hours
Non-billable hours
Manually or automatically approve
Hours logged on days and projects are used in the later invoices sent to clients

Don’t let any hard-worked hour slip away!

Do you have more projects to manage at the same time? More resources to allocate on the projects? One resource involved in more projects at the same time? Is time tracking a burden for you? Then keeping an accurate timesheet is the key to a balanced resources allocation and to an accurate invoicing process.

Although Timesheets is a straightforward feature, here’s how to make the best of it!

The timesheet is prepopulated with allocated hours from Resourcing planner. In case your timesheet is blank, it means that the Project Manager didn’t allocate you on any project. Even if there wasn’t any allocation at all, you can still daily log the hours you worked on projects. If you were allocated on projects, you will see a detailed timesheet with all necessary information about the projects that you are part of and the corresponding number of hours you should invest. At the end of each day, the user can log the actual number of worked hours, which might be different from what the Project Manager allocated. Once the hours are submitted, the approval workflow starts. A notification will be sent in the tool (also by email if chosen so) about the submitted hours and the approval status.

Allocated or submitted hours with their current status, if they are billable or not and also any type of leave with the related current status.

Smart timesheet = more than worked hours.

While it’s common understanding that the main benefit of having an electronic timesheet is to keep an accurate track of billable hours, elapseit does more than that and offers you a “bigger picture”. In the same timesheet you can see not only the allocated/submitted hours on projects, but also the absence hours, regardless the leave type. Furthermore, you can initiate any leave request directly from your timesheet (you can check here for more details about leave management).

And just to make it even better, the tool will automatically calculate the total number of worked hours, including hours spent on other tasks, and will exclude the time off hours.

On the same timesheet you can see the current week status, but you can also check the previous weeks and what’s planned for the next weeks. In case you’re wondering what’s with the colors of the boxes where the hours are introduced, you can check the legend at the bottom of the page.

Generate reports based on timesheet, with just allocated hours or submitted already, billable and non-billable hours

Reports…. let’s make a long timesheet short!

After all information is introduced correctly by both managers and users, there comes the beautiful part: there are plenty of reports that can be generated based on the details filled in the timesheets; reports for specific projects, departments, locations, people, reports for a specific period of time, client specific reports, billable hours reports. And you won’t only get information about the submitted hours, you’ll also be able to generate reports on unsubmitted timesheets. All these reports are just a few clicks away!

Ideally all hours are submitted accurately every week by each user, but we all know this is not happening all the time, for various reasons (no use in pointing fingers). And you get to the end at the month ready to generate the invoice for your client, but vital information is missing! No worries, it’s not the end of the world! With elapseit you can view and edit your team’s timesheet as described here. Just remember, you reap what you sow! The more detailed and accurate information you introduce into the tool, the higher are your chances to become more efficient and to increase productivity.