This tool gives you an overview of your company’s entire activity. You can view the planner based on projects or based on people. You can zoom out up to a yearly level or you can zoom in to a week level and you can navigate backward and forward in time from the top-left buttons. Under-allocations or over-allocations are clearly visible so you can reassign tasks as needed. Allocate people on projects, phases or components and on the first line for every person the allocations will be displayed:

  • with green if the maximum amount of hours have been allocated to that person
  • with yellowish-green if you can still allocate hours to that person
  • with red if the amount of hours per day that can be allocated to that person has been exceeded

When viewing the chart by projects, on the first line you will see the total amount of hours allocated for that day on a particular project. Particular allocations on projects, phases or tasks are displayed with yellow. The time off or the work from home requests of the employees or contractors are always displayed in blue on the last line for every person.

You can also assign people to specific projects directly from this screen or change allocations depending on date. Or, you can simply move an allocation from one employee to another. Anything is possible and it’s as easy as making a few clicks to get what is needed, allocation wise. To assign a new person on a project just press the small green „plus” sign on the right of their name or the project’s name, depending on what view you’re on.

Once the assignment pop-up is open you can choose if you want to set the hours per day, the total hours of the assignment or a percentage of the time that the selected person has available in one day. Then you select the starting and ending dates and press OK. If the project has phases or tasks, you can select on which phase or task the allocation is made.

Another way to make assignments is to select the duration that you want to make the assignment on in the planner. This will open up the prefilled pop-up, you just need to adjust any information that you want and then press OK. You can also grab an allocation and just drag it to another row or you can drag its margins in order to extend or reduce it.

If the view is too cluttered you can also filter it from the left sidebar by project and/or person, so that it’s easy to see the workload of one specific person or the workload assigned to every project. You also have filters for projects, people, departments, locations and job titles. These are all defined by the admin of the elapseit company account.

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