Resource planning, time tracking and project management software,from project kick-start to invoice.

Resources, time tracker, invoicing, phase and task, status tracking, time-off management, documents, collaborative software, rates, roles, project planning – you name it, we have it:

  • Project and role based user access levels.
  • Vacations planning, approval, including full bank holidays support.
  • Approval workflows with email notifications.
  • Documents sharing, versioning and more.
  • Invoicing with multi-language support.
  • Smart timesheet based on ongoing projects. 
  • Task management and Kanban board.
  • Custom rates, custom resourcing costs, we customize everything!
  • Online Support ticketing platform, guaranteed answer within 24 hours.
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Managing your company is easy and extremely user friendly

By using the Management, TasksTimesheet, Resourcing, Leave, Reports, Documents and Invoicing tools, you can have project planning and tracking and subsequently manage all aspects of your company.

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elapseit's top features


Assign your employees to specific projects, or phases of projects or even to specific components.

Approval workflow - submit the hours worked, add a comment and the person in charge will approve or reject and ask to modify the hours. The hours can be then locked and billed automatically.


Simple, one-screen planner view for company-wide workload overview with Projects view and People view.

The hours your team members spends on projects are clearly classified as: assigned, burnt, validated or invoiced.


You will be able to organize your workload using “Tasks” module based on priority, type, status, assign person. You can use filters to navigate easy through the list.
Kanban board will help you to visualize the workflow of the tasks into your company. Use the List view as well to track the tasks Backlog.
Get a clear view of the tasks order, dependency and completion using the Gantt view.


Get a global look on the time off available and assigned to each employee.

Your employees can use this feature to see when their teammates are away so they know when to plan their vacation.


Create invoices in your local language for the time your company's employees spent on specific projects with just a few clicks.

Keep a detailed list of all the expenses on a project, so that at the end of the month you have a clear view of how lucrative a contract with a specific client is.


See the overall status of your company and highlights of the potential issues through accurate graphics and stats: over-allocated or under-allocated people, over-burn or under-burn projects, accounts receivables, next approved time offs, allocation of hours versus burn of hours for each day.


Keep the confidentiality of your data, by giving different types of access for your colleagues: administrator, accounting manager, project director, project manager and user. Make project visible only to people who have been allocated on a specific project, restrict project manager access to see project rates and resources costs as well.


elapseit provides you with a dashboard of custom graphs and exports of all the data that is stored in its database.

Through reports like Resource Capacity, Forecast, Productivity, and more we give you the full picture of your business so you can make informed and correct decisions.


When you create clients, projects or people in elapseit, the corresponding folders are created in the included file management system.

Upload files and share them with any other users. We even support versioning.

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Our goal is to provide an inclusive app that provides solutions for all the problems and answers all the questions that a manager or employee might have. From hiring your first employee or signing your first contract to invoicing the hours you've put into a project and getting paid, elapseit wants to help you keep everything simple, efficient, and in one app.  

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Empower your business in 5 easy steps!

  • Allocate people to projects, phases, task-components of a phase or directly on a task-component of a project. Drag&Drop interface. 
  • Visual alert for over-allocated people and under-allocated people.
  • All the allocations will adjust automatically for approved time-offs and bank holidays. Clearly see who is on a vacation and who can be allocated on a project.
  • Smart resourcing allocation integrated with the time-sheet, availability and invoicing.
  • Project budgeting - add Time & Material, Fixed Fee or internal projects. Track billable  or non-billable hours. Setup the confidentiality of your projects. You choose who have access on your projects.
  • Custom rates per project.
  • Different access level: user, project manager, project director, accounting or administrator. Confidentiality and security of your data.
  • Real time status tracking for clients, projects and people. Warning alert before you bust the budget on your projects.
  • Smart timesheets, pre-populated automatically based on allocations
  • Timesheet approval workflow, approve or reject hours. Quick modify hours and add comments. People in charge will be automatically notified about the timesheet changes.
  • Timesheet financial management platform. Manually lock hours to create the invoice so no one can modify the hours without your permission. After the invoice is issued, the hours in the submitted and approved timesheet are automatically locked.
  •  Availability planner. Approval workflow requested vacations, home office or other time-off.  Automatically notify the correct people.
  • Leave management system. Real time remaining vacation days. Check when your colleagues are on vacation. Bank holidays are integrated into the management system.
  • Task management. Assign tasks and comments in real time. Easy team collaboration with attachments upload, estimate tasks, set due date and check project status.
  • Kanban board - extremely user-friendly interface, visual impact of the workload per each project. 
  • Legal. Document management. Automatically created folders for each client, project, person added. Upload files, share files with specific persons or specific groups. 
  • Data Reports - specific reports for time-sheets, resourcing allocations, availability and invoices.
  • Analytics Reports - Productivity report (hours allocated vs. burned hours vs. invoiced hours), Available capacity report to give you the input if you have resources available to take a new project on board, Resources cost forecast, Revenue forecast.
  • Dashboard - overview of your company, visual alert on the issues. Over budget projects versus under budget projects, top over-allocated persons versus under-allocated persons, accounts receivable, reminder for future approved time-offs, allocation versus burn graph for last 60 days.
  • Smart Invoicing based on timesheet
  • Multi-language invoice

Empower your business with elapseit's highly-connected features

Allocate your employees or contractors directly on a project, project phase, a phase task component or directly on a task component. There are various allocation types: hours per day or total hours per period. Add an allocation period and update it later if required. The interface is easy to use and you can play around with zoom in & zoom out to see the allocation for a short or longer period. 

By using the navigation buttons you can easily go from one period to another. Expand a project to see more information or collapse it to see a brief description. Extremely user-friendly interface, just drag & drop an allocation from a person to another, add a new one or modify an existing allocation in seconds. Easy resource management. Use the sidebar filters to view only what you’re interested. There are two visualization types:

People view and Project view.
All the allocations are automatically updated once a manager approves a vacation. The planner and the timesheet will show this persons as unallocated giving you an accurate overview of the available resources for your projects. Be rest assured, elapseit will help you to avoid under-allocation and delays.

By adding your country's bank holidays you make sure the the allocations are correctly updated. The number of vacation days is not affected, elapseit is smart enough to make the difference between bank holidays and vacation days.

Planning and tracking the availability of your team members.
To get the best performance and results from your team, you must avoid resources over and underallocation. A simple color scheme will make sure you are always on your toes:

  1. Red: overallocated resources
  2. Orange: underallocated resources
  3. Green: just perfect!

You get a complete overview of the allocation status and can operate changes as needed. Don't forget to give a present to that guy that has been working 10 hours a day for the past month!

You can setup a default hourly rate and a specific currency for each project. Off course, most of the projects are more complicated than that and you'll probably have different hourly rates depending on the resource position (job title). elapseit allows you to add custom rates as necessary, making billing easier than ever.

There are three types of projects: Time and Materials, Fixed Fee and Internal and elapseit can automatically approve worked hours, but you can also assign a manager to approve the hours so that you are always in control.
There are five types of access levels: user, project manager, project director, accounting and administrator; each giving access to different elapseit data and modules.

As an USER it will easier than ever to remember to submit your timesheet. Based on the allocation made by the project manager, you will just have to confirm if you've worked as you’ve been allocated or update with the worked hours count. You can also request home office hours or vacation days.

As a PROJECT MANAGER, elapseit will notify you before busting your budgeted hours. You can allocate people on projects, approve or reject timesheets. Many more other features will keep you in control of your projects.

As a PROJECT DIRECTOR, you can have an overview of all the projects of the company and many other reports.

As an ACCOUNTING MANAGER, you will have access on several financial reports and to issue invoices. The dashboard will show you the accounts receivable in a single currency chosen by you, no matter the currencies of the invoices that are already issued.

As an ADMINISTRATOR, you will have access on everything and the dashboard will highlight some key factors of your business and potential issues which can occur.
Have a look to your clients, projects or people lists:

Clients –each client will show the burn and invoiced amounts for the previous month and the allocations for the current month.

Projects -  get a warning when you are soon to exceed or have already exceeded the allocated hours. Take total control on allocations by avoiding to allocate more hours than the budget.

People –  Get a visual warning for any issue related to burn, allocation and available hours related to your company's resources. Have a brief on the burn for the previous month compared to the available hours.

The timesheet will be pre-filled for each person based on the allocation on projects, projects's phases, phases's task-components or direct on task-components of projects.

If the allocation was respected, all you have to do is push "Submit" and the timesheet will be saved.

The time entries can be submitted by day or by week.  Sometimes it happens that a resource needs to help on some other project on a tricky task, elapseit can handle this gracefully by letting you to update the timesheet according to the worked hours.

The manager decides if the worked hours are approved automatically or someone needs to approve them.

elapseit eliminates the errors when submitting the timesheets by correctly highlighting when a resource is on vacation or there is a bank holiday.

The default timesheet view is per week and you can navigate from one week to another.

If a project requires timesheet approvals, the person in charge (Project Manager, Project Director, Accounting or Administrator access level) can approve, reject, add comments or even edit the submissions. All this is done from the Approve/Reject page.

You can generate a timesheet report for your clients and lock the timesheet so that no one can modify the hours you've sent to to your clients. elaspeit makes it so easy to generate an invoice based on the approved and locked timesheets. Powerful time tracking tool.

Your team members will love elapseit time tracking app.

Smart availability planner of your team, including filters.

See in a glance who’s on vacation leave, who’s on sick leave, who’s working from home, who’s on sabbatical and so on. Add how many types of availability as you need.  Filter to see the time-off requests (vacation, sick, sabbatical and so on) on a specific project, or for a specific department, location, or for people who have a specific job title. Make sure that you have all the time, a back-up  person on the project, when another person is on vacation leave. Everyone can request time-off, but only the person in charge will have the right to approve, reject or ask to modify the initial request. 

How many times did you hear the question: “How many days of vacation do I still have?” Perhaps, a lot of times.

Every person of your company will know how many days of remaining vacation days has in each moment.  The person can check the “availability” planner to see when his/her colleagues have vacation, so will know to not request in the same period. The bank holidays will not be treat as business days, so if you ask for vacation for a period that contains bank holidays, that days will not be deducted from the total of your remaining vacations days. How cool is that!

Take full control over the workload for each project.

Easily track any type of issue: story, task, bug, improvement. Assign the correct issue to the correct person. See the status of each item: new, in progress, testing, done. Close the issues completed and archive them.

Estimate each task, set a due date and priority. Add description for each type of issue, upload attachments and collaborate with your colleagues.

The super user-friendly interface gives you the option to manage the tickets directly into the list through one click.

Find and solve the issues before due date, use search functionality to easily find the issue you are looking for and use the filters to only see the issues related to a project, the issues assigned to a specific person, the issues with a specific type, status, priority.

The Kanban board offers you a visual overview of the workload for a specific project. Create a story (main issue) and link other issues (bugs, tasks, improvements) to the story for a better work organization.

A simple look on the Kanban board will show you how many issues do you have on each status: new, in progress, testing, done. Who’s working on what type of issue and many other helpful features.

Filters will help you to quickly find the issues assigned to a specific person, the issues with a specific type, status, priority and the author.

Expand to see a detailed board or collapse to see a high-level view based on your main issues.

Be more organized with documents related to your clients, projects, employees and contractors. Keep the files private, share them with a specific person or a group or share them inside the company.

elaspseit automatically creates folders for each client, project and person.

Keep the evidence of all types of documents from your company as: contract, project scope, statement of work, Master Service Agreement (MSA), Non-disclosure agreement (NDA), Purchase Order (PO), financial documents and many other. Just upload them.

elapseit offers different types of reports: data reports and analytics reports.

The "Available Capacity" report will help you understand if you have enough resources to take a new project on board.

See the gaps between allocated hours, burned hours and invoiced hours, so you can investigate further what's the reason for the gaps by using elapseit's Reports features.

Compare the costs with your employees & contractors (monthly payment or hourly rate no matter the currency)  by using elapseit's report called "Resources Costs".

Customized reports which help you in your business, starting from the basic timesheet, vacations, resourcing allocation, billing, productivity, available capacity, resources costs, and so on, you can download them as PDF or CSV.
As a manager of a small or medium company, the dashboard will show you what’s most relevant for your business: accounts receivables (no matter if you’ve invoiced in different currencies you will have the total amount converted into the currency you choose), next pending invoices so you will know what clients to chase for payment, top overdue invoices so you will make sure that you're not missing payments from old debts, top over-burn or under-burn projects so you will know the projects where you have issues and action is needed. Top over-allocated and top under-allocated people shows that you might have to modify the allocation for specific resources. You will have a comparative situation of the allocation from the current month based on the previous month.

You will have a reminder for the next approved time-off requests so you will not be taken by surprise that a person will be on holiday at the end of the year even if you've approved the holiday at the beginning of the year.

Allocation versus burn graph for last 60 days to be all the time in track with the burned hours based on the allocation.
Invoices can be automatically created based on the timesheet if you have a project time & material. It's possible to manually edit the invoice if required. You can keep track of multiple billing rates or a default one for each project. The due date can automatically or individually set for each invoice.

You can issue invoices for a fixed fee project too. The invoices can be downloaded as a PDF and sent by e-mail.

You can track the status of each invoice and mark it as: draft, sent, confirmed and paid. You can even issue a credit note (write off invoice). The invoice can be translated in any language required.

Quick overview of the list of your invoices: easy search, filter by status (draft, sent, confirmed, paid, write off) or for a specific client. Find invoices issued between two dates, paid between two dates or due date invoices. Generate reports based on the invoices and check the dashboard for accounts receivable, next pending invoices and top overdue invoices.

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