Resource planning and time tracking software, from project kick-start to invoice.

Resources, time, invoicing, phase and tasks definitions, documents,  rates, roles, project planning – you name it, we have it:

  • Project and role based user access levels.
  • Vacations planning, approval, including full bank holidays support.
  • Approval workflows with email notifications.
  • Legal documents sharing, versioning and more.
  • Invoicing with multi-language support.
  • Smart timesheet based on ongoing projects. 
  • Custom rates, custom resourcing costs, we customize everything!
  • Online Support ticketing platform, guaranteed answer within 24 hours.
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Management people overview

Managing your company is easy and user friendly

By using the Management, Timesheet, Resourcing, Availability, Reports, Legal and Invoicing tools, you can plan and subsequently manage all aspects of your company.

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elapseit's top features


Assign your employees to specific projects, or phases of projects or even to specific tasks.

Tasks can then be passed from one person to the other, following the normal workflow that a project uses.


Simple, one-screen planner view for company-wide workload overview.

The hours your team spends on projects are clearly classified as: assigned, burnt, validated or invoiced.


elapseit provides you with a dashboard of custom graphs and exports of all the data that is stored in its database.

Through reports like Resource Capacity, Forecast, Productivity, and more we give you the full picture of your business so you can make informed and correct decisions.


Create invoices in your local language for the time your company's employees spent on specific projects with just a few clicks.

Keep a detailed list of all the expenses on a project, so that at the end of the month you have a clear view of how lucrative a contract with a specific client is.


Get a global look on the time off available and assigned to each employee.

Your employees can use this feature to see when their teammates are away so they know when to plan their vacation.


When you create clients, projects or people in elapseit, the corresponding folders are created in the included file management system.

Upload files and share them with any other users. We even support versioning.

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Our goal is to provide an inclusive app that provides solutions for all the problems and answers all the questions that a manager or employee might have. From hiring your first employee or signing your first contract to invoicing the hours you've put into a project and getting paid, elapseit wants to help you keep everything simple, efficient, and in one app.

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