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See timelines & dependencies in a quick and easy way using gantt chart.

Good planning and scheduling of tasks and resources is the key.

Tasks and subtasks can be viewed in a Gantt chart with status, responsible person, and chronological relationships. This gives a full picture of the progression of the project at a single glance, and helps identify potential or existing delays. Once a task is created, it can also be modified directly from the Gantt chart.

Create your Gantt chart by simply dragging and dropping your tasks to plan your project. This is the project planning and Gantt chart software that actually makes life easier. Just jump in and start adding tasks. No Training Required. Be up and running in minutes.

Bumping up a deadline, adding a subtask, and any other change can be made quickly, with automatic notifications going out to all involved.

Task dependency
Project duration
Time management
See overdue tasks, check on blockers and make sure you are sticking with the deadlines.

Gantt chart: one look only and spot where’s the fire!

Do you want to see quickly what tasks are overdue? Then go to the Gantt view! It’s right there, you can’t miss it since all overdue tasks automatically turn into red. If the chart is blue, you’re safe!

You might find it easier to create tasks dependencies while you see the Gantt chart. Having a timeline display helps you in seeing quickly the connection between tasks and realize which one must be done first so that blockages are avoided. Besides this, the Gantt chart also shows you a brief with details like start/due date, responsible and current status.

Like in the Kanban view, you can set filters to choose what tasks you need to be displayed; or you can choose what additional information should appear in your view by bringing in new data columns. You can also add new tasks and create dependencies when needed.

Check if you hit the milestones on time.

Highlight the important dates by adding Milestones.

Weather you use or not an agile methodology, adding milestones on the timeline of your projects will make the work a lot more easier, it will show progress and growth while keeping the team motivated. Milestones are a way to clearly visualize important dates during your project, like first iteration, going live date, etc.

In elapseit`s Gantt chart, the milestones are visible for the entire team so that everybody is aware of the deadlines and the stage of the project.

View your task progress and the timeline

View your task progress and export your Gantt timelines.

Each of your tasks has its own progress bar, so in the Gantt timeline you can instantly see the status of that task, represented by the color fill in of the taskbar, at all times. Having this quick view for each task on a project, you can assess how much progress is being made on the project.

You have meetings with clients or with the higher management and they do not have the time to check the app and see the status of the projects one by one? Keep everybody informed by exporting the Gantt timeline in an Excel, CSV or a PDF and integrate it into your presentation.