See timelines & dependencies in a quick and easy way using gantt chart.

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Good planning and scheduling of tasks and resources is the key.

Tasks and subtasks can be viewed in a Gantt chart with status, responsible person, and chronological relationships. This gives a full picture of the progression of the project at a single glance, and helps identify potential or existing delays. Once a task is created, it can also be modified directly from the Gantt chart.

Create your Gantt chart by simply dragging and dropping your tasks to plan your project. This is the project planning and Gantt chart software that actually makes life easier. Just jump in and start adding tasks. No Training Required. Be up and running in minutes.

Bumping up a deadline, adding a subtask, and any other change can be made quickly, with automatic notifications going out to all involved.

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Frequently asked questions

Gantt is only visible for Project Managers, Project Directors, Administrators and Owner, so they can modify data.
To customize the list, with information about the tasks, you need to right click on any “Column name” and choose the information you want to see in your Gantt view.
Yes, you can log hours on tasks even when you work in Gantt view. You need to double click on the task (either on the list or in the calendar) and a new view, that allows you to log hours, will open.
To see only your tasks you need to check “My tasks only” field or to use the “Assigned to” filter.