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Simplify the process of leave management – define workflows and keep track of each leave request.

Effortless leave management, with your own rules.

Employees can see how much leave they’ve taken, how much remains, and apply for time off. Let employees know who’s in and who’s out of the office, and make it easier for them to schedule their work.

Make the system your own. Calculating leave entitlements, PTO, rollovers, and accruals is a whole lot easier. And if you have offices in different states or countries, you can configure your own holidays. Or have your own workflow for approvals. How cool is that?

Leave requests
Reports of leave
Leave types
Vacation approval
Bank holidays
Time-off request
Manage your company leave types and track the added request from your team, so you can have a clear calendar of who is at work and who is on leave.

Leave is more than vacation and bank holidays

There are many types of leave, with higher or lower impact on your daily business; from the Settings button you can add as many leave types as you want, depending on what absence you decide to track or not. For instance, leave like business trips might not change much in the daily routine (just the expenses); also, if someone asks for home office there’s no impact at all. But leave like vacation, bank holidays, sick leave, parental leave, sabbatical must be tracked in order to allow you to see when someone is not available to fulfill an urgent task or to complete the project.

Although there are three ways to initiate a leave request (link to Help), the output will always be the same; the requester sets the first and the last day of leave and the leave type; a comment with explanations can be added too. Once the Add button is pushed, the approval workflow is initiated, and the direct manager will receive a notification. A third person involved in the project (like Project Managers for instance) can also be informed about the leave request and its status.

With only one click the manager can either approve or reject the leave request and the initiator will be informed immediately through the tool (and via email, according to the user’s settings).

Multiple locations means different days for bank holidays, and keeping track of these days is very important for a project managers planning.

International company, multiple locations, different bank holidays? We’ve got you covered!

Employees from countries all over the world? Different rules? Different public holidays? Different number of leave days? Relax, with elapseit you will be able to add different bank holidays to each created location. Once a location is created in the tool with its specific bank holidays, you only need to add that location to the new employees and their holidays will be uploaded automatically. No update is needed if you check the Yearly/recurring field.

Sometimes, although your employees are in the same country, they might not have the same number of vacation days due to different types of collaboration (eg. full time/part time). In this case, you will be able to select for some employees a number of vacation days which is different from the “standard”. And unless you only hire new people in January, you want a system that automatically calculates the number of vacation days corresponding to the number of working months for the first year of employment.

Another good point is that, if someone in your team adds/sends a request for a vacation period that stretches over a weekend or a bank holiday, the tool will only consider the working days as time off days; therefore, only one absence request is necessary in such situations.

The leave request needs approval from the direct manager, so when a leave request is started, the manager is notified in the app and also in the email.

Efficiency is what we are all looking for, that’s why everything is online – from request to approval!

Wouldn’t you rather avoid all that paper waste and save precious time instead of printing some leave requests and wait for them to be signed by busy managers? If you do, then it’s time for you to start managing all your leave requests through elapseit. And by doing so, you won’t only save time and paper, you’ll also gain efficiency by making resources’ availability more accurate in the planner.

Initiating a leave request is just a few clicks away and so is the approval in case a workflow is needed. You can also choose who should be in the loop and get notified (via email or just in the tool) about these requests and their statuses.

All absence requests can be managed through the tool, saving a lot of time. It’s also on you how these requests should be managed. You decide if there are leave days that need an approval workflow or if just a notification is necessary. And you can also choose if you will be notified only in the tool about these requests or you also want an emailed notification.

Track all the leave requests, their statuses and generate reports, to know how to best plan the available resources so you can achieve the set targets.

User friendly, even for those who “do not like technology”

And because we designed a complex but very friendly tool, the manager can respond to these requests from two different windows. You can either click on the Notifications icon and you’ll be directed to the Approve/reject window where all pending requests are stored, or you can click on Leave view and you’ll get an overview with all leave requests from all employees, regardless the status (approved or rejected). This overview allows you to check the leave requests history for as many back months as you wish and for next year (just in case you want to see how the future looks like).

Just to make things even better for you, with elapseit you can generate different leave reports with just a few clicks: report for a specific period, for specific people, department or location. You can export all data into a PDF or CSV file.

As you may see, for a Project Manager to be able to make an efficient task allocation, not only a good task tracking tool is necessary, but a proficient leave management tool is vital too. Luckily elapseit can make your life easier with an integrated system that comprises both modules.