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Take data driven decisions with ease. Form simple workload analysis to the resource profitability.

Reporting – all your data is useless unless it’s actionable. Business forecast it’s a must, not an option.

The ability to perform sophisticated and innovative reporting is critical for all organizations.

Everyone is embracing data because, well, right now data is sexy. But businesses are quickly discovering that they don’t actually want data. They want information and knowledge they can use to make better decisions. Here comes reporting. Processing tons of data and extracting analytics enhances the ability to make evidence-based decisions.

Helping you to forecast all business aspects from resourcing to cash flow is our ultimate goal, and we strive to make it better every day.

Analytic reports
Available capacity
Allocated hours vs burned hours
Rate history
Generated revenue
Resource utilization
Tasks reports
Information regarding financial or non-financial details, about the resources, clients, tasks, but also analytics about the productivity, profitability, revenues and forecasts.

All your data in a nutshell!

Do you want to see all billable hours for the last month or longer? Or maybe you need to check your team’s availability? Do you need an invoice status for the ad-hoc meeting you’ve just been dragged into? With elapseit they’re just a few clicks away. You can get an overview with any information you need, financial or non-financial, on specific clients, projects, people, departments for a specific period. How so? Because all the data you introduce can be transposed into a report.

Basically, the Reports module is divided in three parts: Resourcing, Tasks and Analytics.

The Resourcing based reports will not get input only from the planner, but also data from Timesheet, Leave and Financial modules; you can generate here reports that help you see budgeted hours on projects, allocations, leave days or invoices status. From the Tasks generated reports you’ll be able to have a quick look on logged hours or due dates. And just to add the cherry on top, go to the Analytics view and get those complex business intelligence reports that will help you make wise decisions to support your company’s future!

Changes in the project documents happen all the time, so you can keep track of all of them with the versioning feature

Are your employees profitable?

We all know that the highest costs of a company are the direct costs with the employees. But they are also the ones that bring you profit. Isn’t it? elapseit allows you to get this information, but “you reap what you sow”, remember? To get information about your employees’ profitability, it’s prerequisite to introduce in the Management module each employee’s hourly/daily rate, project budget in money and hourly rate and also the hourly rate for each role in the project. Once this data is accurately introduced and project invoices are issued, you’ll be able to get the “resource profitability by generated revenue vs cost” report. Don’t worry about having hourly or daily rated inputs or using different currencies, the tool will automatically transform and align all data to offer you consistent information. If the report results worry you, you can break through and get other reports to see where the problem is; maybe resources are not fully used, timesheets might be missing or maybe some expenses costs were not reinvoiced to the client.

Nice to get all this data within just a few clicks, right?

Reports are the best tool in running your business because you can check the profitability of your past decisions while making plans and forecasting for the future.

How does the future look like?

“If you want to know the future, look into the past” Einstein said once… and it’s still true!

Having all this data to keep costs under control and to check your profitability is good. But why not get through and make plans for further development? Forecasting is essential for a business to keep moving on. And to make a good forecast, you need solid data on your team’s availability and capacity. With elapseit you’ll know in a second if you have enough resources or skills required to take over new projects right away or if you need to increase your forces.