Having a clear view on the activity of the company is essential in order to take the best decisions. elapseit provides you with graphs that portray the main indicators of your company, allowing you to get a quick glance at how you’ve been doing in the past months and what the forecasts are.

You can also generate detailed reports about resource allocation, employee availability, company income and effort burn. You can filter these reports further based on people, projects and clients. Once you have the data that you need, you can even export in PDF or CSV format.

In the Dashboard section:

Here is where you see the overall status of the company and highlights of the potential issues.

  • Capacity – you see an overview of resource allocations for the current month and a comparison with the previous month. You also see top over allocated and top under allocated resources.
  • Projects – you see the information about the top burn over allocation projects.
  • Acccounts payable – you see a chart of the amounts due to be paid in the next period, splitted by 30, 60, 90 days and also a total of the amounts.
  • Pending and Overdue invoices – you see which are the next due invoices but also the oldest due invoices not paid.
  • Next approved time offs – you see the next approved vacations, sick leaves, etc.
  • Allocation vs Burn – a chart that shows you the daily allocated vs burned hours for the last 60 days.

In the Data tab you can run reports on:

  • The timesheet of all employees. This gives you the amount of hours your employees inputted for each project, the date when they were inputted and the current status of those hours (submitted, saved, approved, rejected, locked). You can run this report by project, person or date and then you can filter it by project, person or status.
  • The allocations for each project. This report gives you the amount of hours allocated to your employees. You will get the project that the hours have been allocated for, the person that they’ve been allocated to, the starting date of the allocation, the ending date and the amount of hours. You can run this report by project or by person and you can filter it by the same criteria.
  • The availability of your employees which is a list of the paid time off or home office requests. This gives you the persons that made the request, the starting and end dates, the type of request (vacation, sick leave or home office), the status of the request (approved, requested) and the number of days requested. You can filter this report by person or request type.
  • The invoices created in a set period. This report gives you the ID of the invoice, the issued and due dates, the paid date – if it’s the case, the client that was invoiced, the amount due, the amount paid and the current status of the invoice (draft, sent, confirmed, wrote off or paid). You can filter this report by client or status.

In the Analytics tab you can run reports on:

  • The productivity of your employees. This report shows you basic metrics from which you can conclude how productive he or she is. By running it you will see The project on which the employee is assigned, his or her name and then the number of allocated, burnt and invoiced hours. You can run this report by project, person or date and you can filter it by project or person.
  • The allocation of the company’s resources. This gives you the employees’ names, the dates of the allocation, the project on which the allocation was made, the amount of hours allocated versus the amount available every day and the allocation status of the person. You can filter this report by person or project.
  • The cost per each company resource. This shows you the name of the person, the employment status (employee, contractor or not employed), the start and end date of his or her employment, the payment type (hourly rate or monthly payment), the number of months that he or she has been in the elapseit database, the number of hours he or she has burnt until now and the total cost for the company to work with that employee or contractor. You can filter this report by person, employment type or payment type.
  • The forecast of company revenue. This report gives you the projects on which your employees are working, the particular persons, their allocated hours, the rate of each person (how much the company pays that person each hour), and the total amount the company will pay that person for his or her work on that particular allocation. The report can be filtered by project or person.

On all reports you can expand or collapse lines of data and you can export them in PDF or CSV format. If you don’t care about details you can simply view it in Compact Mode which will not show too many details and will not allow you to expand lines. You can export the full data that you queried or you can just export the data that is visible, given that you collapsed some of the lines and expanded others.

Dashboard elapseit
Time-sheets report for several projects, phases, task for a specific period
Available Capacity Report reflects total allocation and total availability for persons with a specific job title

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