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Check the task metrics, status and blocking points in a snapshot view.

Task data redesigned for this generation. Or getting metrics that counts!

Task data redesigned for this generation. Getting metrics that counts out of all your data.

Project management is all about juggling: people, data, expectations, resources—you name it. At any given moment, a project manager has to know where each “ball” is, where it’s going, and where it needs to be. To keep everything on track, project managers need all the help they can get.

Here comes Project pulse, displaying metrics for a project’s overall performance and progress, and highlighting particular problems that require further attention. See overdue tasks, priorities, open versus resolved issues, task types and so on. On any specific project, even on a specific person!

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Know your next moves at all times by checking your project pulse, what are the blockers and which are the high priorities!

Can you feel your projects’ pulse?

We bet collecting data for a project status is kind of tedious… that job nobody wants to do! Especially when changes occur daily. Well, it’s not the case anymore! With elapseit you can feel your projects pulse in a glimpse…that’s right, totally effortless!

Your projects health is shown in one view only in the Dashboard module through an easy to scan display of general tasks status, overdue tasks, open tasks priority and type. Furthermore, you can choose the data to be displayed either by projects or by people. And you can widen your projects metrics just by letting us know what else would you like to see in this view.

See the statuses of your projects at all times, check the tasks, what is overdue, what are the priorities, and who is tacking too long to resolve a task, to know where to focus your attention further.

Fast, short and precise.

No need to compile data, elapseit does it for you. Instantly and straight to the point! All the information is updated in real time whenever tasks related changes are made. Just take a quick look at your project pulse and you’ll know exactly where the fire is!

Real time updates for the statuses of your projects, so you can make informed decisions.

Game on!

When you have an accurate pulse of your projects, you’re in the game of making the right decisions for your projects. Blockers to solve? High priority open tasks? Overdue tasks? Now you know exactly what your next move should be!

Feels like all the aces are in your hands, right?