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Creating, allocating and tracking punctual tasks from beginning to end.

When the project planning is done and it’s time to spread punctual tasks to the team.

So, you’ve done your project planning, have the phases on place and the overall activities. Ready to go one level deeper? Creating, allocating and tracking punctual tasks from beginning to end, delegating to teammates, and setting deadlines to make sure projects get done on time.

Tracking tasks allows everyone to understand which are more important or require more time, so teams can plan their time and meet deadlines. Collaboration is at your fingertips – share files, feedback, ideas, and more so teammates can tap into the same pool of knowledge whenever they need.

See the big picture from the Gantt timeline view and the Kanban board, check the Project pulse and take informed decisions with ease.

Tasks list
Tasks priority
Task status
Task list
Log hours on task
Task dependencies
Visualizing the progress of your project and seeing the status of each task helps in deciding the urgency of your next steps.

Monitor the progress of your projects by having an eye on tasks!

Now your projects have a good structure, with phases and activities, but we all know very well that the devil lies in the details.

Whenever you create a task in elapseit, you have to connect it to a project and appoint someone responsible with the execution; obviously, it would be of much help if you add a description and attach some documents for a better understanding of the task. You can add details like start and end date, time estimation, task type, or priority level.

Anyone who works on a project can create a task in the tool. Why? Because, for instance, if a Software Developer works on app future, it has to be tested before getting released; but the tests are not done by the Developer, he only creates the task in the tool and assigns it to a Software Tester.

Each project has different needs and you may have different approaches, so customize the views to suit each project needs.

Don’t get lost! Customize your tasks view!

Although the tool comes with a predefined set of options, you can customize the tasks types, priority levels, statuses and set rules for them according to your needs. You can even attach an icon to the tasks’ types for a better visual effect; in other words, you can let a bug be a for instance.

Labeling tasks and keep their status accurately updated will be of great help when you want to check them in the Kanban view.

Connection between tasks and resourcing planner is very simple, making the job a lot easier for the project manager and also for the project team.

Efficiency is what we are all looking for, that’s why everything is online – from request to approval!

If you’re worried about creating a bunch of tasks that you can only see in the Tasks module, then don’t anymore! elapseit is designed to allow modules interconnection.

All you have to do is to write down a time estimation and export the task to Resourcing and it goes right to the planner. And not only there; the user appointed to execute the task will also see it in the timesheet. But that’s not all! The number of hours estimated for fulfilling the task will be deducted from the total number of project / phase / activity budgeted hours.

Stories and dependencies create a structure and a prioritization in your day to day work.

Chaos not allowed, so use the dependencies for a useful planning and scheduling process.

When you have a view with a bunch of tasks on your screen, it’s time you start connecting the dots and create dependencies so that the whole project doesn’t blow up.

Luckily elapseit allows you to do this very easily by showing you a drop-down list with all project tasks when you create a dependency. Just pay attention to start and end dates as you won’t be able to create a dependency to a task with an earlier due date.

Visualizing the progress of your project and seeing the status of each task helps in deciding the urgency of your next steps.

Different eyes, different views – Gantt & Kanban views.

Do you want to see a list with all tasks? Or perhaps you’d rather see them organized on a board? Or maybe a chart looks friendlier to your eyes? It’s fine, elapseit has them all. Tasks list, Kanban board, Gantt chart, they’re all in one place. And more!

For both Kanban and Gantt, you can either choose a people or a project view. Bet your eyes are smiling now.