Glimpse into resource and project performance using the quick stats.

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A small feature with such a big impact it’s hard to believe.

No matter where you are on the platform, the real time stats are there to make your job easier. Small progress bars that tell you important things you need to know; for example, how many logged hours you have compared with the estimate for tasks, the burned and allocated hours compared to the budgeted ones for projects, the burned and allocated hours compared to the available hours for people, and so on.

Once you get the grip of them you will never want to go back. Can you imagine your job without (or with) them?

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Why Real Time Stats are important?

Frequently asked questions

No, you cannot edit them! You can change the information they show only by changing the information in the tool.
Yes, the stats are updated in real time; after you save the information, the stats are updated.
The warning appears when you hit a certain percentage, set for your account. The percentage can be modified from 1% to 99% by going to Settings/Customize and changing the percentage at “Project burn/allocation warning (%)”.
As in the resourcing planner, the green color lets you know that you are still in the budget (hours or money); the orange bar warns you that you are close to the budget limit and the red color lets you know that you are over the budget (with money or hours).