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Glimpse into resource and project performance using the quick stats.

A small feature with such a big impact it’s hard to believe.

No matter where you are on the platform, the real time stats are there to make your job easier. Small progress bars that tell you important things you need to know; for example, how many logged hours you have compared with the estimate for tasks, the burned and allocated hours compared to the budgeted ones for projects, the burned and allocated hours compared to the available hours for people, and so on.

Once you get the grip of them you will never want to go back. Can you imagine your job without (or with) them?

Warning alerts
Status tracking
Allocated vs burned
Add comments
Allocated vs budgeted
Allocated vs available
Progress bar
Real time updates for the statuses of your projects, so you can make informed decisions.

The project “data pill”.

Data analyze and compilation in the time-consuming old fashion way is long gone when you use elapseit! While you are in the Management module, you don’t get just a simple list with clients, projects or people; in each view there are progress bars comprising a lot of data extracted from the resource planner, timesheets, tasks and invoicing modules.

For instance, if you are in the Clients view, you’ll see details about allocated, logged and invoiced hours; in People view you’ll see, besides details like hourly or monthly cost, allocated or logged hours vs available hours; in the Projects view you can check how many hours were allocated or logged from the total number of budgeted hours. Furthermore, these progress bars can also be seen in each project, client or people view right on top of the page to offer you a complete and concise overview.

The visual impact of the real time stats are meant to give you a quick view of how you stand in terms of money and hours - the color of the stats are a warning sign also.

Sky view – make sure all your “pills” are green!

elapseit progress bars do not only concentrate a lot of information, they are made with visual impact also so that you grasp the project insight much faster! When you see the bars colored in green it means everything works as planned and there’s nothing to worry about. The orange bars should tell you to “stay alert” and watch the project closely as you’re about to get to the budget limits (in terms of hours and money). And beware of the red bars! They’re warning you that you crossed the budget limits and the project won’t be ready on time or the profitability target won’t be achieved.

Easier to make your project bars green when you have this eagle eye view, right?

The progress bars are showing all the information in the reports but in a very compressed way, so that you will know if there is problem and you can quickly fix it.

Real time stats won’t let your data get old!

In the age of information, time is a very precious commodity. By the time your data is manually compiled and put into a report, the information is history already! With elapseit every input that might have an impact in the project status is processed right away and transferred to other views. That’s why project progress bars are your key to make the right decisions on the spot and increase project performance.