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Manage tasks in a easy to use way using the kanban board.

Attain shorter time cycle and responsiveness to change, in a heartbeat.

There is a common matter that many companies face and that is completing only a part of their projects on time and in the budget. To prevent these problems, a very good and useful solution is using Kanban boards. By the way, probably many of you know that Kanban method comes from Japan but how many of you know that “Kanban” is the Japanese word for “visual card”?

If you work in services or technology, your work is often times invisible and intangible. That is when a Kanban board is very helpful, making your work visible so you can show it to others and keep everyone on the same page. By using this feature, you will also be able to see the bigger picture, the entire project in a view, but also to have control of your workflow.

The simple fact that the team is able to discuss, define and modify its workflow depending on the issues they face, will lead to a better communication and collaboration within its members.

Visualize work in progress
Tasks workflow
Team Collaboration
Work efficiency
Kanban, the sticky notes board on elapseit.

Kanban, the sticky notes on your desktop.

Let’s get digital and give up all those paper sticky notes spread all over your desk! We still need those noted, but it’s time for next level!

elapseit serves you right on your screen an eye-catching panel with well-organized tasks, labelled according to your priorities and grouped according to the progress status. And you can choose to see only the tasks linked to a specific project/phase/activity or you can set filters to see tasks either by author or by the person appointed to fulfill it; or why not, choose to see tasks with high priority labels, specific type, or status?! You can have it however you want!

Define and visualize tasks, see all that is blocking your team progress.

Define and visualize ``your`` workflow.

Having an overview of all the tasks is exactly what you need so you can pay attention to what is blocking the progress of the project. Moving the tasks to different statuses is as simple as it gets, with drag and drop – you work your part and then move it to the next step.

No matter how you define the lanes for each project – in elapseit you can customize them by projects – there will always be one that will show you that the task is resolved/done. Seeing the resolved tasks (not hiding them) it`s a real motivator for the team.

Collaboration and prioritization visual indicators in kanban.

Collaborative work in the simplest way!

All team members have access to the Kanban, in this way you create a sense of „responsibility” within the team, and they must work together for a good result. Having this in mind, you assign tasks to the qualified team member, so that the project goes on with as few blockers a possible.

To make the collaboration even smoother, the team members can send the tasks as links, when they need second opinions on specific issues that they encounter.

You didn`t log in the application yet, no problem, the task notifications can also come in your email inbox, so that every team member is always informed about the changes on the task in their projects.