Manage tasks in a easy to use way using the kanban board.

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Attain shorter time cycle and responsiveness to change, in a heartbeat.

There is a common matter that many companies face and that is completing only a part of their projects on time and in the budget. To prevent these problems, a very good and useful solution is using Kanban boards. By the way, probably many of you know that Kanban method comes from Japan but how many of you know that “Kanban” is the Japanese word for “visual card”?

If you work in services or technology, your work is often times invisible and intangible. That is when a Kanban board is very helpful, making your work visible so you can show it to others and keep everyone on the same page. By using this feature, you will also be able to see the bigger picture, the entire project in a view, but also to have control of your workflow.

The simple fact that the team is able to discuss, define and modify its workflow depending on the issues they face, will lead to a better communication and collaboration within its members.

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Frequently asked questions

The column names and numbers can be customized for each account, to better cover the needs of your company.
Yes, you ca go as deep as phase level, in Kanban. After you select the project, you are also able to choose the phase you are interested in seeing the progress on.
Yes, you ca to add tasks at any time, and you can also choose what to work on next. In Kanban you can reorder priority at any time, so you do not have to worry about setting your priorities for the whole iteration ahead of time.
There are a couple of ways to see how your team is doing but the most obvious and easiest way is to look at the ‘Done’ column on your task board. There you will see how many tasks have been done and what is left.