Track and improve your business KPIs using the Resourcing Dashboard.

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Resourcing dashboard or being the master of your data.

Running a business produces a lot of data and a good manager studies it to gather the relevant information that will push the company forward. elapseit provides you with a dashboard of custom graphs and exports of all the data that is stored in its database.

You can go as granular as you need, the purpose is to give you the full picture of your business and the relevant data so you can make informed and correct decisions.

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Frequently asked questions

As a simple user, in the Dashboard you will only see the Project Pulse information regarding the tasks on the projects. The simple user will not be able to see the Resourcing status – the page with information regarding the company (resources, invoices, leave, etc)
Yes! If you create a user account, with Client access level, you can allow your clients to access elapseit and check the status of their projects.
Yes, we can add or delete information from the Dashboard of your account, so that you will only see the relevant information for you.
All the information is changing in real time, you do not need to wait a certain period, for the changes that you`ve made to be visible. If you allocated someone on a project, that change will be visible in the Dashboard right away!