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Track and improve your business KPIs using the Resourcing Dashboard.

Resourcing dashboard or being the master of your data.

Running a business produces a lot of data and a good manager studies it to gather the relevant information that will push the company forward. elapseit provides you with a dashboard of custom graphs and exports of all the data that is stored in its database.

You can go as granular as you need, the purpose is to give you the full picture of your business and the relevant data so you can make informed and correct decisions.

Visual analytics
Quick graphs
Business snapshot
Project pulse
Custom graphs
Real time results
All the data you need, to check your business health - KPIs, resources availability, over or under burned projects, pending and paid invoices.

All your KPIs in a panoramic view.

“Strong essences come in small bottles” – that’s how elapseit concentrates all your data in charts and graphs on the dashboard, allowing you to run a time-efficient, cost effective and results driven business.

You can choose between two views: Resourcing status and Project pulse. Each view has a set of predefined metrics, but more can be added. The resourcing stats are based on logged and burnt hours and you can get quick insights on resources allocation / availability (with comparison on specific periods), trackable leave or invoices status. When you check the project pulse, you can see your data displayed either by project or by people; and just let us know how you want your dashboard to be customized and consider it done!

Are you still in the budget and also in time? Was your forecast correct or it needs changes? Project status in a glance!

No pain no sweat! Just real time data!

Getting a specific report with just a few clicks sounds good, right? But what about seeing ALL your data instantly, at a glance without any click getting in your way? Sounds awesome, right? You don’t need to make any effort to get these management reports to quickly evaluate your projects health, costs, budgets, workload and whatever you need for a data driven business approach.

All those charts and graphs are waiting for you to put them in the presentation for your next meeting, not time wasted here!

Furthermore, you can also reduce the need for time consuming weekly meetings by giving access to your clients to check their projects dashboard. Comes quite in handy when you have to manage multiple projects, isn’t it?

Visualize and assess the project risks, so you can make quick strategic decisions that will lead to a successful end of project.

Your projects success in a snapshot.

Let elapseit make a quick scan of your projects and display on your dashboard that large amount of data in a concise and clear way so that you can optimize your resources and assess risks. Choose your business performance indicators and in just a few seconds you’ll be able to decipher all charts and graphs data, enabling quick strategic actions on issues and opportunities.