Instead of working with burn exports to move everything in Excel and then manipulate the data there, just generate invoices directly from elapseit, after confirming the hours that you want to invoice, based on client, project and other selection criteria.

If you spot any inconsistencies in the inputted hours. just reject the submission and it will return to the person that inserted it into the system in the first place. They’ll get a notification, they can then make any necessary adjustments. and then they can resubmit so you can move forward with the invoicing process.

Plus, you can translate the fields of the invoice in your local language so there are no misunderstandings between you and your client.


Create simple invoice record or project based invoice.

You can create new invoices by pressing the green “plus” sign from the bottom-right of your screen. You will be asked to input an ID for the invoice, the client that it’s for, the issue and due dates, any the tax that might alter the final invoiced amount, the currency, a PO number and any discount, if available.

After that you need to input the hours that you’re invoicing by pressing the “Add new record” button. You can press on “project based invoice record” and select a project and a duration to invoice. After that the app will lock the corresponding hours and mark them as invoiced. You will not be able to invoice hours that have not been submitted by your employees or approved by your project manager. You can select to invoice only the previously unbilled hours or all the hours in a particular time period. Similarly, you can invoice only hours you or a project manager/financial officer have locked or all hours that have been approved. You CAN NOT invoice submitted but not approved hours or simple allocations.

The second option is to use the simple invoice record mode and manually add the hours that you want to invoice. This does not make any changes in the Timesheet database so you can just enter the amount of hours, the rate, unit type and a short description and those will be added as a new entry in your new invoice.

Invoices list.

Once created, an invoice can still be edited until it’s marked as paid. An invoice can be a draft, sent, confirmed, paid or wrote off. You can export invoices as PDF and even add translations so they’re written in your local language.

Add time-sheet into invoice
Edit invoice generated by elapseit

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