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Transform worked hours and expenses into invoices in one click.

Turning burned hours into invoices, the easy way.

You are just a few clicks away from turning the timesheet data into an invoice. If you desire more control over what you charge edit the imported hours or even create manually a free-form invoice.

We also got you covered with multi-language, custom tax rates, custom fields, company branding & multi-currency. You can even keep the status of the invoices, so you get no surprises from the cash flow.

Accompanied with a bird’s-eye view of all the invoices you’ve created so you can zero in on any open invoices you need to follow up on. The dashboard gives you an overview of your generated vs forecasted income, the accounts receivable by timeframe and also the pending & overdue invoices.

Timesheet to invoice
Multi-language invoice
Multi-currency invoice
Cash flow
Overdue invoices
Generated income
Importing the hours, logged on timesheet, or the hours allocated in the planner, in the invoice, automatically, it is an achieved dream.

Make sure all your hard work is translated into money!

After so much work with planning, allocating resources, hours and hours invested on projects, timesheets and so on, it’s time to do draw the line and make some money!

When issuing an invoice, the first step is to introduce some mandatory data like, client name (details filled in in the Management module), issue and due date, tax rate, and currency. All invoices have to be linked to a project and you can select a phase or an action too. The next step is to add in the invoice description field what you want to invoice; and here you have some options to choose from, depending on the contract terms you agreed upon with your customers: you can opt for a simple invoice when you have a fixed price per project, regardless the number of worked hours or you may opt for invoicing the hours according to your timesheet; when you tick the last option, you’ll get a very detailed invoice with the number of hours invested by each user involved in the project. You decide what hours should be invoiced: billable/non billable, logged, allocated or just all hours burned during a specific period.

To make sure the hours from all timesheets are included, you can generate an “invoiced vs non-invoiced timesheets” overview from Reports/resources module.Sometimes things don’t go as smoothly as you want to, and changes are needed and with elapseit you don’t need to worry about it! You can apply changes to the invoice at any time before it is paid by the customer.

Every invoice has a status (draft, sent, confirmed, paid or write off) that helps you with keeping an accurate track. For a good overview of pending or overdue invoices, you can check the Dashboard graphs.

The expenses on projects are imported in the invoice with just a click, keeping the track of the budget.

Invoice beyond timesheets hours – add the expenses too!

While there are many types of expenses you can add in elapseit, we’re referring here only to costs that are directly linked to the project, like business trips, accommodation fees, etc. It is very important to keep an accurate track on expenses, as sometimes they might have a higher impact on the project’s profitability.

That’s why every time such an expensive occurs, it should be introduced into the tool with the proving documents attached and linked to the corresponding project; once the data is introduced, the user can release the workflow to be approved.

With clients all over the world, translating the invoices and being able to add different currencies, depending on the client, is a must.

Global player with clients all over the world?

In case you need to handle different currencies and other languages than English, you’re safe with us!

elapseit allows you to generate invoices in any currency and, by default, all invoices are issued in English language; but it is possible to translate them into any other language you want. In order to make this possible, you need first to translate the invoice template and save it in elapseit tool. Once you have the template translated into a specific language, you can use it to generate as many invoices as you want in the respective language. Just remember, all invoices are initially issued in English and only then you’ll be able to translate them. You may find here more details about how to translate an invoice.

Our tool allows you to set automatically tax-exempt rates for specific clients and you can also introduce discounts percentage for lucky clients whose invoice is issued on a day you feel generous.