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Keep up with the latest tips and tricks for elapseit and and learn how our resource and task management platform can help you run your business better by keeping everything simple, efficient, and under the same roof.

Issue your invoices in any language you need.

Your Client and Your Invoice Don’t “Speak” the Same Language? Translate the Invoice!

Translate your invoices to any language you need and let that hard-worked money come faster into your pockets.


Resource management software

Why You Should Use a Resource Management Software

The way resources are managed plays an important role in the project’s success. It’s not enough to make the perfect project planning and to have highly skilled people on board.


Collaborative project management tools have many integrated futures.

Why Using a Collaborative Project Management Tool Is Essential?

In the digitalization era, when many employees work remotely, you need to find a way to stay on top of all projects effortlessly and maximize productivity. For this you’ll need a performant collaborative project management tool that allows you to see updates in real time, share files, or connect with other tools your company is using.


Resource planning in project management

Why Is Resource Planning Essential in Project Management?

Completing a project is always a tough job and the resource planning is a critical factor that can determine your project’s success or its failure.



Project management dashboard

Why Should Your Project Management Software Come with a Dashboard

The project dashboard is the platform where your project’s health assessment is displayed according to specific key performance metrics.

Resourcing dashboard


The importance of a resource management tool

Why Is Project Resource Management Important?

Resource management is the process of efficiently and effectively utilizing everything at your disposal to successfully complete your projects.



Allocate skillful resources on your projects.

When Skills and Resource Planning Meet

Usually when someone talks about allocating resources on a project, they mean allocating people on projects. But that’s not entirely correct.



Invoice template

Troubles with Creating an Invoice Template?

elapseit comes with a default invoice template that can be customized with your company logo for a more professional look.


Work remotely and follow clock in / clock out rules.

See Who’s Available when Managing Virtual Teams or Working Remotely

Managing a team with all people in the same place at the same time is either not possible or not necessary anymore.



Set tasks dependencies to successfully complete your project.

A Quick Guide to Project Management Dependencies

There is no step or task that can be done isolated without any impact on others. Each activity relies on the output of another activity and produces itself an output that contributes to the end result of the project.



Every hour worked by your team has to be invoiced.

Three Ways to Make Sure All Your Work Is Paid

What can you do before sending the invoice to your client to make sure all your money gets into your pocket?


Old Kanban board

The Evolution of Kanban Boards and Why You Need to Go Digital

It’s really great to be able to visually track the entire life cycle of a project and to follow through tasks from beginning to end.


Keep track of project rates chamges so your invoices are accurate.

Project Hourly Rates History - How Does It Help?

In case rates are changing in the middle of a project, how do you think it would impact activity?


Manage your time effectively at work.

Manage Your Time Effectively With elapseit Timesheets

Keeping track of time can be tedious and sometimes annoying, especially when there are more projects “on your plate”.


Manage all types of leave with a professional tool.

More Leave Types to Manage? Customize Them with elapseit!

While non-trackable leave is easy to handle, you’ll definitely want to customize the leave you need to track.

Leave Management

Electronic project dashboard.

Optimize Project Allocations with a Quick Look on Your Dashboard

The Project Manager’s job is not an easy one. Making balanced allocations, tracking lots of tasks, keeping an eye on the financials, and having a good overview on the project – not an easy job at all.



Make sure your invoices are complete.

Make Sure Your Invoices Are Complete! Don’t Miss the Expenses!

When issuing an invoice, most of us are focused on billable hours. But sometimes, even if you add all billable hours, the invoice is still not complete.


Keep track of all your invoices with a professional tool.

How To Track Your Invoices With elapseit

We all like being paid after the hard work we’ve done, but how can you make sure ALL your hard work is paid and you don’t miss anything?


Issue easily your own invoices by using a professional tool

How to Create an Invoice In elapseit

Although it should be a piece of cake, creating an invoice might cause you troubles sometimes. But relax, elapseit is your best pain killer when invoicing headaches start showing up.


Calculate your employees profitability to ensure your business success.

How To Calculate Your Employees Profitability

What’s the point in having a business if it’s not a profitable one?! But how do you measure your company’s profitability? The formula is quite simple; revenue - expenses = net profit.




Add global bank holidays to your calendar.

How to Set Bank Holidays for Different Countries When Managing Global Teams

Setting up your corporate calendar with different bank holidays is a small yet very important detail which shouldn’t be overseen. Having employees located in different countries might mess up with your planning.

Leave Management

Resource planning with a professional tool.

Four Steps to Follow in Resource Planning

Resource planning is like the engine of the car - in the same way the engine makes the car move from point A to point B, the resource planning is the impulse that makes it all happen in project management.


Project management reporting

Essential Report Types in Project Management

Project reports are essential project management tools that provide a high-level overview of key data in an easy-to-read format.



Over allocation can lead to employees burn out.

Don’t Let Your People Burn Out! How to Easily Spot Over and Under Allocations

Getting a perfect balance when it comes to resource planning is not exactly easy-peasy. Spotting over and under allocations is the fastest way to restore balance in your projects planning.


See overdue tasks, check on blockers and make sure you are sticking with the deadlines.

Don’t Let the Invoice Tracking Be a Challenge!

The accounts receivable process might be overwhelming, but it’s not impossible. There are many ways to take control of all aspects of your business, reduce costs and time-consuming tasks.


Check your resources availability before starting new projects.

Ready to Take Over New Projects? Check Your Resources Availability First!

Checking the resources availability, no matter if it’s for the next month, the next quarter or year, is time consuming and error prone in the absence of a resource planning software.