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Work remotely and follow clock in / clock out rules.

See Who’s Available when Managing Virtual Teams or Working Remotely

Managing a team with all people in the same place at the same time is either not possible or not necessary anymore.

Since companies started to go global, a lot have changed in the way teams are organized. More and more companies switched to the “matrix organization”, with global virtual teams having people located all over the world, on different time zones. Besides, lots of small companies are “remote work” or “work from home” friendly since it’s not necessary to have a 9 to 5 office schedule to get the job done.

And, if up until a few months ago working remotely was perceived as a benefit the companies offer for their employees, after the COVID 19 spread it became a necessity. “Normality” has been challenged and many decided to switch to “work from home” as a solution to protect their employees and make sure the business is running and salaries are paid.

For many this was quite a big step since other changes followed. All of a sudden, your team is not in the same office anymore. So, how can you know whether your people’s workday started or not? How do you know if they’re working or not?

Here’s where elapseit "punch in” feature steps in!

When you’re logged on and turn on the

elapseit punch in button

everyone in your team will know that you’re working; when you’re done for the day, you only need to turn it off.

Furthermore, if your company has a clock in clock out electronic system based on access card or fingerprint scanning, the punch in feature can be used by the employees who, for various reasons, are not physically in the office. If that’s the case and accurate tracking is required, you have to check the “Has punch in / out hours” in the employee’s profile. When this feature is on, it registers the punch in / out hours and counts all the hours in and out for the day.

Detailed reports can be generated for specific employees or departments from selected locations; you can also see who forgot to punch in by setting “missing” as punch type.

So, no matter if you have a virtual team to manage or your company has a flexible schedule or strict “clock in / clock out” policy, this small feature will show who in the team is online, regardless of their location or time zone.