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Issue your invoices in any language you need.

Your Client and Your Invoice Don’t “Speak” the Same Language? Translate the Invoice!

Having customers from all over the world is a good sign. It means business is going well!

And although there aren’t “language barriers” to prevent you from working on your project, when it comes to invoices, things might be slightly different. Perhaps your client has a company policy that only allows registering invoices issued in the local language or maybe there’s a law that requires it.

Why letting such a small detail slow down your money transfer speed to your account? Money can speak any language, right? So, translate your invoices to any language you need and let that hard-worked money come faster into your pockets!

Invoice template translated into French

First thing you need to do is to translate the invoice template into any language you need. Then edit your invoice in English, save it and afterwards select the language you want it to be translated into. You can find here more details about how to translate your invoices.