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Why You Should Use a Resource Management Software

The way resources are managed plays an important role in the project’s success. It’s not enough to make the perfect project planning and to have highly skilled people on board. The way resources are allocated will determine the project’s success or failure. That’s why Project Managers are sometimes called Resource Managers.

What would be the definition of “perfect resource planning”, you might ask. To put it in a very simple way, allocating at the right time the right amount of tasks to the most suitable people capable of fulfilling them in a timely manner. Basically, the focus is on “who”, “when” and “for how long”.

In a perfect project managing world, all resources would lay on a shelf waiting for the Project Manager to pick them up to allocate tasks. Well, the world is not exactly perfect. Tight competition defines the current world and efficiency is the key in the race towards success.

No one can afford to keep resources at display, waiting to be used. A resource that lays on the shelf is underused, therefore counterproductive and it doesn’t bring any money in “the house”. On the other extreme, an overused resource doesn’t make it better either because sooner or later it will burn out. And this is true regardless the type of resources you’re managing: people, tools & equipment.

But how can keep the balance to get the “perfect planning”? No matter who you ask and how many articles you read on this topic, they’ll all have a common answer: use a resource planning software!

Here are some reasons why you need to use one:

  1. Effortless visibility on resources availability – no need to ask your colleagues about who’s available and when; the planner is updated automatically with each allocation made; if people is your resource, a proficient tool will allow you to make the allocation considering their skills too; check here how you can see skills availability in elapseit;
  2. Over and under allocations prevention – when you can quickly spot who’s doing what, it’s much easier to avoid burning out resources and not using them at full capacity.
  3. Cost efficiency – fully allocated resources mean fully productive resources.
  4. Time efficiency – the information is automatically updated and in real time; therefore, tasks allocation is done much faster, which allows you to dedicate more time for other important activities
  5. Future projects forecast – an accurate overview on current resources will tell you if you’re ready to bring in new clients and new projects or you need additional resources.
  6. Centralized information – all information is displayed in a single view, no need to look for timesheets saved in different folders.
  7. Accurate data for business reports – when manual work is eliminated, human error is gone also; accurate data leads to correct invoices and correct business KPI measuring.

So, why wouldn’t you get all these benefits and make your business more profitable?!