Resource planning, time tracking and project management,
from project kickstart to invoice

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Resource planning and project management.

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You can do it with elapseit. Our goal is to build a workforce management platform that provides solutions and answers to almost all the questions that a manager or employee might have. From hiring your first employee or signing your first contract to invoicing the hours you’ve put into a project and getting paid, elapseit wants to help you keep everything simple, efficient, and under the same roof.

Resource planningTime trackingProject managementFrom project kick-start to invoice
Resourcing planner with over and under allocation

Plan for the future. We got your back!

There is little consistency when it comes to each client’s needs and timelines. With shifting deadlines and requirements between multiple teams and locations resource planning becomes incredibly complex.

We will help you avoid burnout or under-utilization, predict hiring and resource needs and reduce attrition rates, keeping clients and employees happy!

We have come across Elapseit after testing multiple other platforms. Elapseit is the only one that provided us with all the capabilities (...more)

Emanuele Farotti - Managing Partner

The Information Lab Italy

Time off tracking

Real time updates

Clients access

Skills filters

Current workload

Available capacity


Backlog allocations

Bank holidays for multiple locations

Customizable leaves with tracking

Custom fields

Shared departments

Tracking project budget, invoices and expenses

Track everything, think big. Go global!

Time is your most precious resource. Expenses are the thing to watch for while a project unrolls. Enterprise features like multi currency, receipt attachments, approvals, expenses to invoice and overtime management are now available to everybody.

Live in the present and plan for the future!

When we started looking for a Project Management tool for QPES, we did not expect to find a solution as good as elapseit (...more)

Sölen Ozguz - Head of Sales Operations and Quality Assurance


Multi currency

Billable or internal expense

Email notifications

Approval workflow

Burn to invoice

Expense to invoice

Overtime management

Automated timesheets from allocations


Rate history

Dashboard, statistics and timelines of the managed projects

Never miss a deadline. Make time work for you!

Zoom in on the nitty-gritty details or zoom out and see the big picture. You decide on the way you want to track project progress. Enjoy the high-level dashboard or dig in to see who’s working on what, assign teammates to new tasks, set due dates, and prioritize work.

Take your projects to the next level.

At Chronion we were looking for a resource planning tool combined with timesheet tracking to replace the individual spreadsheets we typically used in the past (...more)

Roel Vermeulen - Managing Partner


Quick stats

Duplicating / cloning tasks

Gantt view per projects or person

Kanban board

Task & Dependencies


Project pulse

People/ Project view

Projects revenue, forecasted and generated

Finish projects on time & budget. Have a happy team, that counts!

Time is your most precious resource. Expenses are the thing to watch for while a project unrolls. Enterprise features like multi currency, receipt attachments, approvals, expenses to invoice and overtime management are now available to everybody.

Live in the present and plan for the future!

From a technology standpoint, the UI is intuitive and easy to navigate allowing our team to move quickly while ensuring the business is efficiently and effectively tracking, managing and planning our workforce (...more)

John Huss - Head of Operation


Revenue forecast & generated

Resource profitability


Customizable notification

Export reports

Public API

We're not the only ones
about elapseit

10,000+ users in 43 countries use elapseit. You are in good company.

From the first call with elapseit CEO, till this day, our overall experience and interactions with the elapseit team have been outstanding. If there was something that we needed or wasn’t yet available, the elapseit team always came up with a reliable workaround, and then they came up with the actual function to make it work. They embodie Agile approach, taking on all client feedback and implementing the changes really fast. I have worked and trialed dozen of tools to manage scheduling, budget, forecast, invoicing and expenses, and elapseit is by far the best tool; excellent features, good UI, easy to use, customizable dashboard, flexible reporting, best value for money, and outstanding client management. elapseit is one of the few tools available on the market that provide an end to end solution from allocating people to new project till invoicing.

Isabelle Blanchot

Isabelle Blanchot

Chief client Experience - AND Digital

Did we mention the mobile app?

Current era belongs to smart phones. Users should be able to do almost anything while on the move. From submitting timesheets, expenses or vacation requests to viewing their allocations. We got you covered!

elapseit mobile app, all the features on the go

Get your mobile application and stay one step ahead of deadlines. Do what must be done on the go.

Dive in. Here are some of the top features you will find on elapseit

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So, you use the platform, all is sun and shiny but at the end of the month you need *THAT report.

Or you feel that you can help the HR department and your business by focusing on people and project skills that brings the most income (real case, implemented by request from one of our clients).

Long story short, if you need something that we don’t have yet just give us a shout. If it ads value to the platform, you may have it for free in the next weeks.