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The company was founded in March 2017 by Marius Ciorecan and Sorin Chiș, two former colleagues on several IT projects. The way they interacted and completed each other while working and their genuine collaboration encouraged them to start their own project, a project they often debated about with their teams. Marius and Sorin set their mind to create a new business management solution, a powerful resource planning and time tracking platform that has all the features of already existing tools on the market but built to be as an integrated single software. Their objective was full control of operations, projects, resources, schedule and employees without crashes and at a lower price. For years, both Marius and Sorin worked with top-rated apps for allocating and managing resources, but tired of juggling with multiple tools in order to monitor and manage resources, they decided to create one secure roof for all the features a company needs to be effective.


It was not a simple path they took but more of a journey full of challenges. Marius and Sorin knew the market very well and what they tried to innovate was clear, but still, building a product from scratch and making sure it is competitive was no easy task. Fortunately, they could rely on their professional network as their idea attracted several specialists willing to support the emerging “elapseit” product. Together with the founders, the business management solution was polished by designers, developers, testers, PR and marketing professionals. For 6 months, the amount of time they set to bring the product to perfection, the extended team worked hard to deliver the best version of elapseit, a cost-effective time management and resource planning solution for small and medium-size companies.


After the public beta announcement, positive, encouraging feedback kept coming in. Ten weeks later and after some improvements to navigation, the public beta program was closed with more than 60 testing companies happy about the overall elapseit experience. A premium product was born, a stable, secure and robust business management solution that equips a company with five superpowers: smooth project management, accurate timesheets, comprehensive resource planning, efficient time-tracking and easy task management.


Headquartered in Europe, Romania, ELAPSEIT LLC company ensures all quality and security standards and is committed to exceeding expectations by extremely responsive customer support and constant improvements to services.

elapseit described in a few wordsComplete. User-friendly. Highly connected features.

elapseit‘s main characteristics make it a perfect choice not only for companies that want to switch from old time-tracking software, but also for startups, agencies or small & medium companies that look for a first time experience with a  business management solution. Regardless of the client’s activity field, digital marketing, creative agencies, web development or IT & software companies, elapseit allows you to monitor all assets and resources, down to a granular level.


elapseit keeps record of the time employees have spent on various tasks to ensure that time is managed and utilized well. The same goes for equipment, materials, assets or any other details from project conceptualization to implementation and invoicing. It’s such a simple and intuitive process that  users don’t need to be taught how to use it.


In order to make the best informed decisions for a company, elapseit provides company’s management with customized reports, starting from the basic timesheet, list of employee’s time-off, billing, profitability, cost with employees, forecast and so on, reports that can be downloaded in PDF or CSV format.

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