With this tool everyone working in your company can input the hours worked on your projects. You can even log hours spent on particular phases of a project, like sprints, or you can log hours on specific tasks within a project; Quality Assurance, for example.

Once assigned to a project you will see the hours you need to cover every day and you will be able to input and submit the amount of hours worked on it. The hours an employee or contractor inputs can be waiting for approval, submitted or approved. One can go back and make changes in his or her inputted hours after the project manager agrees to it, if they have already been approved. Projects can allow direct approval once you submit hours or it can allow the project manager to confirm or reject the hours inputted by the team. Once invoiced to the client, the hours become Locked and you can no longer make any changes to them.

Approval workflow

Allocated hours are displayed on a grey background with a dotted blue contour. This represents a simple division of the number of total hours that have been allocated and the number of days that the allocation covers. So if you allocate 24 hours on 3 days, then the employee/contractor will see 8 hours every day in the timesheet for the duration of the allocation. Once you input the hours for a day on a project the cell will lose its grey background and the contour will become solid blue. While the submission is waiting for approval, it will have a purple contour and once approved by a manager the cell will get a green contour.

If the hours you submitted have been rejected by a manager, the cell(s) will have a red contour, also there will be tooltips that will display any notes set by the manager. You need to input the correct number of hours and resubmit them. Once the hours have been locked by a manager or financial officer, you will see a lock icon in the cells. You can no longer make any changes to them or ask to resubmit them. This is to prevent changes once the invoicing process has started.

Submitting your timesheet

You can submit either one day by clicking on blue bottom cell that contains the total number of hours for that day, or a whole week by pressing the ”Submit week” button. If you wish to resubmit any hours after that, you can use the ”Open and resubmit” button.

Adding timesheet entries for a project

You can log the hours work on the projects to your timesheet by using the ”Add new project” button. The button will not be present if the selected week has been locked by the project manager or by the financial officer. This is to prevent mistakes during the invoicing process and any changes that might appear once the hours for the week have been sent for invoicing. If you want to remove any project that you added, just click on the X to the right of the input boxes.

The account admin or a project manager can switch to see and modify the inputted hours of any employee or contractor using the drop-down menu from the top of the timesheet. This is to allow managers to make quick adjustments to the inputted hours. The alternative, longer way is to reject the hours inputted, if they’re on a project that expects approval by the project manager, and then wait for the employee/contractor to resubmit the correct amount in his or her timesheet.

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