Task management

An easier way to track and keep evidence of each request of your clients using “Task” module.

It can be used to track new requirements, big or small requests, improvements or bugs.

You can easily add the priority for each issue, starting from low to medium, high or blocker.

The workflow status for each issue of the project is also tracked, so it can appear as: new, in progress, testing or done. Also, you can easily assign the issue to the person in charge.

Easily manage your tasks by making changes directly into the list

Our user-friendly interface is designed to simply modify any issue directly on the list:

  • type (story, task, bug, improvement)
  • priority (blocker, high, medium, low)
  • status (new, in progress, testing, done)
  • person assigned

Navigate with filters from sidebar to go faster through your issues.

Use search functionality to find easy the task you are looking for.

Collaborative project management software

Collaborate with your colleagues on your tasks, add attachments, read the description of each task, ask and respond to questions through comments tab.

We are aware of the importance of time. That’s why we offer the solution to estimate each task and set a due date. In this way, you can have control over your work.

Another benefit is an easy way to check the history and workflow for every issue of the project. At any time, you can have a clear image over who created the issue, when, and who worked on it. For a better structure, you can even link a small issue to a main issue.

Kanban board

Use “Kanban board” to easily visualize the list of your workload for each project that you manage.

What’s new? In progress? Testing or Done?

How many items on each status?

You will have all these answers in a glance.

For each project that you manage you will have a Kanban board

You can “collapse all” and see a bigger picture of all the main issues or you can “expand all” and see a more detailed picture of all the issues on your projects.

You can navigate easier through your “Kanban” by using the filters to only see the information that you need in that moment.

You can even use the “Search” functionality and find the issue you are looking for in seconds.

For each issue, you will see the: status, type, priority, title, description and to who is assigned.

You can easy “drag&drop” to change an issue from a status to another.

All issues from module Tasks Management elapseit
Issue pop-up view from Tasks elapseit
Tasks - All issues list with issue description
Kanban board with filters on sidebar - Task module elapseit

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