Whether you need to approve the logged hours on a project or a vacation request, as a manager, you will always know if any process is waiting for your approval. A simple notifications systems will let you know in the app, and also via email if you want, about any action that you need to take to move things forward.

This is all dependent on the workflow that you choose for your employees and for particular projects. For instance, for projects you can choose for the logged hours to be accepted only with your approval, or without it.

Similarly, if a Financial Officer requires any sort of adjustment in the previously logged hours before invoicing them to the client, he can simply reject the inputted time and you will get a notification to take an action on that. You can either modify the allocations as needed or, leave them as they are and resubmit, if that’s the case.

Approving logged hours

For the logged hours you have a separate window in the Timesheet tool called Approvals. In this tool, depending on which week you’re on, for every employee or contractor, you can see the number of allocated, submitted or approved hours. Once you lock a particular set of hours or a particular week, no other changes can be done to them. This is to make sure that no errors appear once you invoice them to your clients.

Time-sheet (time-tracking) notification approval workflow

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