elapseit includes a full file sharing solution so that the information and files that you need are easily stored and shared across team members and between the different management layers of your company.

You can use it just like you use any other file browser but it also comes with some features that are meant to ease the user’s work:

  • when you create a new person the corresponding folder is created, only the manager and that particular person have access to that folder
  • when you create a new project the corresponding folder is created, administrators and the project manager(s) of that project have access to it
  • files and folders can be easily shared with anyone in the company with just two clicks
  • you can give read or write access to folders and/or files to specific people in your organization

The tool also supports versioning and has a global search functionality that lets you search for files, folders, or items shared by specific people.

The purpose is to allow you to spend less time with finding storage and sharing solutions and more time doing what actually matters for the success of your projects.

Creating folders and sharing them

You can create new folders and share them with member of your team. You can do the same with any file that you upload. To do this, simply right click on the file or folder you wish to share and select Public if you want everyone to see it. You can also press the big “Share” button from the top bar.  After that select if you want people to have read or write access. If you prefer to give access only to some people you can choose the ”Restricted to specific people” option after which you can select a person or a group that will have access to the file or folder. The type of access can also be controlled similarly to the above, you can allow read or write access, depending on needs.


You can upload new versions of files. This allows you to keep old versions in the database so if you ever need to look back at them, they’re available. To do that simply right click on your file and select ”Upload new revision”. You can add comments to the new upload, if you wish.

To see the old versions right click on your file and select ”View history”. You will see a list of relevant info for that file, including any comment that you added when you uploaded it. Other available information: version number, file name, author, date and size of the file.


The Legal tool includes a very powerful search functionality. You can search for specific files or for files uploaded by a particular person, by using the ”file” and ”person” switch to the right of the magnifying glass. If you click on global search you will look for that information in all the folders where you have access. Otherwise you will search just in the folder you’re currently in.

Document Management Folder selected
Share file to a person and groups using document management from elapseit
History revision for a file from elapseit document management

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