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Effortless leave management, with your own rules.

Employees can see how much leave they’ve taken, how much remains, and apply for time off. Let employees know who’s in and who’s out of the office, and make it easier for them to schedule their work.

Make the system your own. Calculating leave entitlements, PTO, rollovers, and accruals is a whole lot easier. And if you have offices in different states or countries, you can configure your own holidays. Or have your own workflow for approvals. How cool is that?

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Frequently asked questions

You can set notifications for Leave, so you will be notified, through an email, when you submit the request and/or when the request is responded (approved/rejected). To set this type of notification you need to go to Settings/Notification.Also, you will be able to see the status of the request, on your Resource planner. After you add the request, a Leave bar with a question mark (?) will be visible in your planner. If the request will be approved, the question mark (?) will be replaced by a checked symbol (), if the request will be rejected the question mark (?) will be replaced by a cross mark (x).
You can add as many leave types as you need. This feature allows every company to add their own leave types. You can add new types of leave from Settings/Leave types.
No, even if your leave request bar is stretching over a weekend or any other type of free day, those free days are not counted as leave days.
elapseit allows you to request leave for any number of hours, as long as your company policy allows it.