Store and share related company documents avoiding content chaos.

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Maximize the value of every feature with the integrated document management system.

When you create clients, projects or people in elapseit the corresponding folders are created in the included file management system – or you can create your own. There you can upload any files you might deem important and share them with any other users.

We even support versioning so you don’t need to upload multiple instances of the same files as you update them, and you can recover past versions if you need to check something from an earlier version.

Documents management Share documentsUpload filesUpdated version of the documentVersioningSave documentsRecover old document version

No more storage rooms full of folders with countless papers for each project, the Documents module will keep all your files safe, in the cloud.

Paperless office through cloud storage.

    Welcome to the digital transformation era where you can have a single focal point for managing projects and sharing documents! In a digital workplace, there’s no need to worry about old-fashion paper documents or network failure! With elapseit document management feature you’ll be able to increase efficiency by keeping well organized folders in your cloud storage. Whenever you add a client, a project or a person, there will be created automatically corresponding folders under the same names. But there are no limitations, you can either change the names of these folders, delete them or create new folders with new names. After the folder is created, you can upload and share with your colleagues as many documents as you need.

    Get quick access to your files by using different searching criteria! You can either search by file, folder or creator name; you can restrict your search through one folder only or extend it to a “global search” through all your documents.

Changes in the project documents happen all the time, so you can keep track of all of them with the versioning feature

“Latest version” carefree with versioning.

    Worried about losing track of the changes you needed to make again and again in the same document? You shouldn’t! The Versioning feature allows you to upload the same document anytime you need. And not only that!

    If there are more users working on the same document and uploading different versions, the audit trail function will allow you to download previous versions of the document and track the changes other users made, no matter what device you are using.

Keep your documents in a safe place and choose what stays private and what can be shared with some people or with the entire team.

Security and privacy ensured!

    Burglars, floods, fires or any Coronavirus version come and go, but your documents will always stay safe up into the cloud! With elapseit your documents are stored in a secure and reliable environment and you can access them anytime anywhere.

    Although sharing and collaboration is encouraged, there are situations when you need to store content sensitive documents; in this case, accessibility rules can be set. Any user who uploads documents on the platform, can decide if the they are public for everyone or restricted to certain users.


Frequently asked questions

You can upload the same document, each time you modify something, by using “Upload new revision” button. Although in the folder you will see only the last version of your document, by checking the history you will be able to download all the previous versions also, this way you will have a track of the changes you made to the file.
To open and view a file, you need to download it first
When you create a folder, the folder is created to be Private. You can choose if you make it Public or you share is with a certain person or a group.
Each company will have 2GB of free space, where you can save all kind of documents, invoices, bills, expenses, etc.