Store and share related company documents avoiding content chaos.

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Maximize the value of every feature with the integrated document management system.

When you create clients, projects or people in elapseit the corresponding folders are created in the included file management system – or you can create your own. There you can upload any files you might deem important and share them with any other users.

We even support versioning so you don’t need to upload multiple instances of the same files as you update them, and you can recover past versions if you need to check something from an earlier version.

Documents management Share documentsUpload filesUpdated version of the documentVersioningSave documentsRecover old document version


Frequently asked questions

You can upload the same document, each time you modify something, by using “Upload new revision” button. Although in the folder you will see only the last version of your document, by checking the history you will be able to download all the previous versions also, this way you will have a track of the changes you made to the file.
To open and view a file, you need to download it first
When you create a folder, the folder is created to be Private. You can choose if you make it Public or you share is with a certain person or a group.
Each company will have 2GB of free space, where you can save all kind of documents, invoices, bills, expenses, etc.