All the paid time off of your employees plus any other employee availability information in one planner view. This way teams can coordinate their leave time and you can approve it or reject it by easily checking beforehand if there will be any kind of shortages at a project or team level. You can filter the view by different criteria and zoom in/zoom out as needed. You can also go forward and backward in time by using the next month and previous month buttons.

An employee or contractor can request time off or work from home by simply creating a new time off allocation in the planner, either by selecting the period or by using the small green plus sign to the right of his or her name. Another way is to right click on a day you want to include in your request. In the opened dialog you can select the period for your request, the type (vacation, sick leave or home office) and, if you want, you can input the reason for it.

Approve time-off request

A project director, accounting or the admin can approve, reject or modify time request time-off and home office requests. To do this he or she can simply go in the Availability tool and right click on a request. A reason for approval or rejection can be added if wanted. Once the request is approved or rejected, this will be shown on the planner.

Beneath the name of each employee or contractor you will see how many vacation days that person still has left.

From the left sidebar you can filter the graph so only some information is displayed. This is to help you see the information that you want, without unnecessary clutter. You can filter by person, by project, by request type (home office, vacation and sick leave), by status (requested, approved, rejected), by department and by location.

All this information can also be extracted in the Availability report from the Reports – Data section.

Availability add request for holiday
Availability leave management included filters

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