Permission Access Level

There are five types of access levels permissions to control what people see and what they do.

  • user
  • project manager
  • project director
  • accounting
  • administrator

You can modify at anytime the access level for each person.

access level: ADMINISTRATOR

As an ADMINISTRATOR, you have access at all the features and data.

Have an overview of the entire company: clients’ status, projects’ status, people’s allocation, contract management, time management including a workflow of approval for logged hours, leave system management, invoicing, different customized reports as: resources utilisation, productivity, available capacity, resources cost, revenue forecast, invoices, time-off, resourcing allocation, time-tracking.

One dashboard of the company where will be highlighted some key factors of your business as: account receivables, over burn projects, over allocated persons, next approved time-offs, allocation versus burned hours by day in a graphic and not only.

One dashboard to take the pulse of each project and phase. Be aware in any moment what’s the progress for each project, phase.

access level: ACCOUNTING

As an ACCOUNTING, you will have access on several financial reports, timesheets, resourcing allocations, resources costs, invoicing.

You can lock hours submitted by employees or contractors, so no one can modify anymore hours without your permission. It will be so easy to issue an accurate invoice, just with a few clicks based on the time-tracking submitted and approved.

You can keep the track of projects in different currencies, a default rate per project or even more: multiple rates on the same project based on the job title that you have in project. Into dashboard you will see the accounts receivables into a single currency choose by you, no matter in how many currencies the invoices have been issues, it will be automatically calculated.

You will be able to approve or reject time-off requests and the number of remaining vacations days for each person will be automatically updated, share documents with persons related and many other.

access level: PROJECT DIRECTOR

As a PROJECT DIRECTOR, you can have an overview of all the projects and resources of the company and many other reports.

Check in a glance the real progress of each project and phase, estimated versus real burn, charts which will highlight issues. Be aware of any blocker and control better your project’s life cycle.

access level: Project Manager

As a PROJECT MANAGER, you will be more in control with your projects’ budget and allocation of people on different phases or tasks-components.

Receive notifications before run out of the budget, you will see in seconds which person is over-allocated or under-allocated, you can approve or reject hours submitted by your team members on your projects (phases or task-components), you will have access to see who’s available and who’s not on a specific period and many other functionalities which will help you to manage better your projects in charge.

access level: USER

As an USER it will be so simple to not forget anymore to submit the hours worked.

Based on the allocation made by the project manager, all you have to do is to submit the hours if you’ve worked as you’ve been allocated or to modify if you’ve worked less or more.

If you’ve worked on other projects you can choose from the list of projects which are visible to you and add hours on a specific task-component, phase or project.

Log hours on tasks that you’ve worked and compare the hours logged on tasks with hours you’ve been allocated and logged hours from your timesheet.

Request vacation and see when your colleagues requested too. You will see only for yourself in real time the remaining vacation days.

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