A brave new world

When we set out to build elapseit we had a pretty good idea of what specific tool we needed but, as with every new endeavour, we didn’t quite grasp the multitude of test cases that the new app will have to cover and all the intricacies that it will have to handle.

We took a brief look at some of the tools that we used for time tracking and project management in the past. We have an experienced team with people that worked through all sides of the company spectrum, from small 5-10 man startups all the way to corporations that employed hundreds of thousands of people. So we had a starting point and a list of features. The complicated part was just beginning.

First, we had to determine the target of our new product. What exactly is it supposed to do and to whom it should cater to? Well, we knew it had to help employees track the time spent on various projects. And that indirectly helps the employer invoice the clients based on the burn for each project, so that was the starting point. But to get an edge over the competition we should deliver something more. Something preferably not available on the current market, if that’s possible.

Idea (light bulb) elapseit



Through our research we found out that in the project management software market people are not tied up to a specific platform. Rather, if the deal is good enough or the app is decisively better than the current solution, users will flock to whatever new solution the market provides. The condition is, of course, that the new app is stable and bug-free. Some recent surveys have shown that the most sought-after features for time tracking software are:

  • cross-team collaboration tools
  • tasks management
  • cross-app compatibility through plugins

The conclusion to the first round of research was that whatever tools our app would have, it must include the above three features. So we decided to include in-app tools for file sharing, task management and to ensure that we have the ability to work with plugins built in.

The other question mark was the pricing. There is a plethora of apps on the market that do some of the things that elapseit does, but there’s not one app that does it all. So we covered that. But how to price such a tool, the payment scheme, that is another sensitive topic that has to be adjusted given the current global trend. elapseit is a multilingual tool so it has to appeal to companies from all over the globe, no matter the language and currencies that are used in a particular country or region. We feel that the current payment scheme will boost the adoption rate by small companies and also make the app enticing for large corporations.

So, if you’re a freelancer , you can use elapseit for free. You can also get 9 users that have access to all the tools that the app provides(startups). There are no tools locked away behind pay walls, everything is at your disposal so you can run your business as you see fit. Before you commit to anything you can make use of the 30 day free trial to take the app for a spin.

You can also receive a free life-long license if you review elapseit on the popular business solutions websites like https://www.g2crowd.com.

If you’re the owner of a company, you can use elapseit for free for 30 days. After that there’s a price of $9 per user per month. At no point are any of the app’s tools locked behind any kind of pay wall. You get all the amazing functionality that elapseit provides from the start and you can continue to use all the tools even after the trial ends. Your data, files and projects will be the same as how they were during the 30-day trial.

Meeting elapseit

And development


The first step was, of course, to plan our Minimum Viable Product and the subsequent versions. This was a constant battle with what features we wanted to put into the app and what we could realistically fit into the available budget given the timelines we had already established with the stakeholders.

After a clear list of features was defined for the first iteration of the app, we moved on to writing the user stories and documenting the specifications. This step is instrumental in ensuring that that final code does what the original concept set out to achieve. The Quality Assurance team, together with the Product Owners, have the final say on the conformity of the product. And they do that by comparing the resulting product with the initially detailed specifications, so it’s paramount that the initial documentation effort is done as precisely and flawlessly as possible.

During development there was a constant struggle to include as many features as possible in the first iteration of the app. Then, we could improve on that and add more and more features as we progressed and moved from one version to the other. From Alpha, to Beta, to the first Production MVP and then onwards towards v1.x, v2 and so on. We feel that with the Minimum Viable Product we stroke a good balance between the full functionality that we want the app to have and the necessity of getting out there with a usable product to get people aware and as excited about elapseit as we are.

Into the future


At the moment we’re investing time and effort in ironing out any remaining bugs and in smoothing out the user experience based on the users’ feedback. So please, don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know if something seems amiss or if something doesn’t quite work as you think it should. We value your feedback very highly. Don’t hesitate to tell us if you like elapseit either. Our goal is for you to have a great time managing your company. We’ve made a purpose out of simplifying the UX as much as possible so that everything comes naturally and users don’t need a detailed manual to pick up and use the app. And that can only be achieved through analysing lots of feedback form people that regularly use elapseit.

The next iteration of the app is just around the corner and we’re planning on adding even more functionality to elapseit. We will let you know once we upgrade it to the next version. You can either find news on this blog or your will receive an update via email if you’re registered for the elapseit newsletter.