Being a project manager is easy. You are the boss who gives others tasks to do, have a lot of people who work for you so you can stay super chill” – said no project manager ever.

Well, I’m sorry to tell you, but it’s not like that in real life. Ready for some easy and small steps for your project?

Let’s begin pointing some tips on how to ease your work in the field of project management. Before we do that, let’s see what project managing is and what this job implies. I could give you some academic definitions about it, but ain’t nobody got time to understand that. Let’s keep it simple for a better understanding. Basically, the project managers are great human beings who became pros at their job. They deserve to be that important person who handles the entire project. But that project means not only what you work on, it also refers to who you work with. Therefore, the project means both work and people. And you have to handle both. That’s an accomplishment!

Now, let’s go together through some pointers that can help you in your life as a successful project manager.

Leadership skills.

I mentioned earlier that a project, no matter the field you work  in means not only the activities that should be done to get you to the point of ending it, but who you work with, too. Yes, exactly, your team. They are your people, your work family. Therefore, you really need to have the ability to connect with all kinds of people. And I know working with people can be hard, different strokes for different folks. Each of us is different in their unique way.  We are all different. As a project manager you need to lead them, to always be in contact with them, to have good communication skills, to give them the opportunity to have an opinion. A good project manager works side by side with the team, and sometimes more. You have to be a leader, bossing around  does not help. Appreciation surely does! So instead of showing them how good you are, by being overbearing, talk to them openly, and make them feel important in tasks that they have to accomplish. As they already know how valuable you are for the company, you can be an example that they can follow. It’s like kindergarten. You are a teacher, a guide, so organizational skills are required.  You need to define clear responsibilities, roles and tasks. Everyone should know what to do, at any moment.

Little things do matter.

Project planning is your bible, you need to know by heart all the steps. But it’s not enough to see the bigger picture. You need attention to details. Let’s describe this. Steve Jobs said: “Details matter. It’s worth waiting to get it right.” So it’s not enough to have a strategic type of thinking. A detail-oriented person is someone who dissects every step taken in fulfilling a task. Checklists help you in making sure that important details aren’t overlooked. Doing this ensures that all the documents and files are accurate and complete. But this doesn’t help you just in tasks, it has an enormous importance in keeping your team strong, by following precise procedures and policies. Therefore, this analytic skill is required and necessary for a successful career.

Get organized

How can you develop your eye to details? Nowadays with all the internet and advanced technology, it’s way easier than you think. So if you have a big project with a lot of tasks, a lot of scary due dates, projects in projects, kind of inceptions, that at a first look seems like a lot of stress, try not to get overwhelmed and, instead, get yourself a soft that can do all of this. Let that soft be your best friend! And you can have that best friend anywhere! So let’s say you’re in a meeting and a client wants to know a task’s status and who is in charge of it. Usually, you should go through some backdates. It’s a lot of wasted time. But your new best friend is a game changer. With ease, you check all you need to know and reply to that client a lot faster. Play  efficiently or don’t play at all! It’s also called professionalism.

Keep improving.

Let’s say you start up a business. You start a project; you have some money or a lot of money to handle. Keep in mind that success doesn’t come overnight. It’s a work in progress. That means that you have to always keep yourself informed about funding possibilities. Failure is kind of inevitable. This doesn’t mean you will not succeed, it’s not about  lack of success, it’s about working harder and learning from mistakes. Improve yourself! Improve your approach to work and to your team. Be ready for changes, as the job implies a permanent state of change. As a project manager, your thinking needs to be ahead, 3 to 4 years ahead. And always prepare yourself and the others. Today you and your team might be working on a project. It’s great, it’s fulfilling, everybody is happy. But that is today, in this moment. As a project manager you have to necessarily be in charge of the next project, which will start at the moment that the current project is over. Also, as a PM you can handle couple of projects at the same time. Now that’s something big! Living in the moment is not applicable to your position. Nor procrestination.

Project managing may be hard and stressful, but it’s not impossible. Think positively and ahead, don’t be afraid of failure, work hard, keep your team together, be proud of your work and the rest will follow. Good luck!