Creating the invoice is that particular “ingredient” that can bring happiness or drag your team to hell. One thing it’s pretty clear, if you want to be paid, you need to issue an invoice. It’s up to you if the invoicing process is smooth or it takes hours to bill the hours burned on several projects.


For the sake of technology, forgive us, but we choose to leave aside those companies that still write invoices by hand. Trust us and get a software tool. Any tool. It will probably do miracles in your project management. For those who already work with an app, let’s analyze together, in 3 steps, your invoicing process, how it performs and how you can get even better results.

Question 1: do you spend a lot of time creating invoices?

If so, why does that happen? Probably because you want to make sure the written details are correct and you’ve billed all the hours burned by your team on different projects or entered the right number of manufactured products. If, as manager or person in charge with the billing process, you are checking over and over again all the hours that need to be billed for a specific period on multiple projects, there’s definitely a problem with your invoicing process.


Normally, to be considered efficient, the tool you use should successfully assist you even if you are working with dozens of clients and multiple projects, with teams from different countries, with different currencies,  different rates per project or different rates per person.  When you have to do research through all yours excel documents or timesheets from other software tools where your teams logged their hours in order to create an invoice, the only reasonable solution is to switch to a simple app that keeps all the details concerning one project from start to billing.

create invoice

Question 2:  how do you deal with somebody forgetting to add some hours on the project or making changes in their timesheet entry?

After creating several draft reports, checking why and where are the missing hours, whose hours are missing and why a person burned more or fewer hours than has been allocated, on the verge of achieving the nirvana of invoicing you hit the enter key to send the right report for client’s approval. Then it happens: some teammates are making changes into their timesheet entry and when you want to re-check the hours and you think that you’re ready to send the invoice to client, you find out that a person forgot to add some hours on the project or makes changes in their timesheet entry again. You’ve already sent a report with hours to the client, so you can’t make any other adjustment, what can you do? It’s rather simple: get an app that gives you the control over the hours logged by your team on different projects/phases/tasks.


For example, with elapseit software, as a project manager, you can schedule your team on a project. Each person who has been allocated, when will log into the system with his/her account will see his/her allocation and can submit the hours if worked accordingly or can add a new project/phase/task if worked more than has been allocated or if worked less can simply modify and submit the accurate number of hours worked. If the project has been set up as hours logged to be approved by a project manager, then the project manager will check the hours submitted and can approve or reject them and put a comment. After that, the team member can submit again the hours based on the comment(s). After the hours has been approved, the project manager or financial department can lock the hours so no one can modify no longer the hours so an accurate invoice can be created directly with just a few clicks.

Generate invoice based on the timesheet

Question 3: how do you track invoices sent to the clients?

There is a “traditional” set of most frequent problems regarding invoices. Read them below and if you check two or more be sure you’re losing time and money. Stop blaming yourself and asking why and clear your billing process  with a simple to use, extremely user-friendly and easy to learn software.

  • spending hours to check when are the invoices due
  • spending time to make sure you did not miss one of the invoices
  • desperately searching which invoices have been issued between two dates
  • having difficulties knowing which invoices have been paid and which have been sent but not confirmed by clients
  • over-calculating to keep updated “Accounts payable”
  • missing the fact that the invoices have been due
  • figuring out has been invoiced
Tracking invoices elapseit

You decide whether you navigate and fight all the above-mentioned situations or you grow your company while avoiding the chaos of billing. Elapseit is here to offer you an intuitive experience with full customer support and a very competitive pricing plan. You can also try it for free to see if there’s a match during a 30 days period.